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Recent Reports: August - September 2000

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* rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO

African Spoonbill* Platalea alba. Reserva Natural de las Marismas de Santoña y Noja, Cantabria. 14-17.9.2000 (SEO/Birdlife Cantabria). 3rd for Spain after a record in Odiel marshes and Doñana in 1999 (already submitted) and another recently known of a bird at Bahía de Txingudi (Gipuzkoa) the 22.2. 2000 (Josean Belzunce). Certainly the same individual, relocated the 24.09.00 at Azud de Riolobos (Salamanca) in company of 42 Spoonbills (Eduardo Carrasco, SEO-Salamanca). See a photo here. Origin unknown, associated to P.leucorodia.
Marabou* Leptoptilos crumeniferus. Bornos Reservoir, Cádiz. 11-15.9.2000 (Salvador Márquez).
Western Reef Heron* Egretta gularis schistacea. Pale phase, slightly pied bird. Cal Roc, Llobregat Delta, Barcelona. 18-22.9.2000. (First observers: Xavier Larruy, Juan Becarés, F.López, G.Siré, R.Gutiérrez, E.Guinart, A.Ramal. J.D.González). The same bird could have been present in Molins de Rei roost (c.15 km away) since 12.8.2000 (S.Sales pers. com.).
Great White Egret Egretta alba. A scattering of observations along the whole country which included birds well North at Santoña (up to 3 the 23.9, Felipe González), and at Embalse de la Furta, Asturies, with a single bird between 14-25.9 (Enrique Pascual & J. Manuel Fernández). At Algete, Madrid there were 2 birds on 30.9, Delfín González), 3 birds at P.N. El Hondo, Alicante on 29.9 (Marcos Ferrández, J.Luis Echevarrias)or a single bird at Canchales reservoir, Mérida, on 14.9 (Juan. A. García) plus about 13 birds at laguna de Las Cañas, Navarra by the end of the month (Carlos Gutiérrez Expósito). In addition, a single bird was present at Azud de Riolobos, Campo de Peñaranda, Salamanca between 3.09 (Miguel Blanco) and 17.09 (Francisco Cosme) and another at ría de Butroe, Plentzia, Bizkaia on 25.9 (Xabi Buenetxea Aragues).
So at least 25 birds seen during the month.
Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus. Large flocks in the country include one of 60 birds at Buda Island, Ebro Delta (all month, D.Bigas et al) and another of 67 seen last 18.8.2000 at Olivillos, Puebla del Río, Sevilla (Francisco Chiclana). Scattered birds seen elsewhere on passage.
Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea 3 birds at Albufera de Valencia (J.I.Dies) and another (female) at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (J.Martí) at least until 21.09.2000. An influx this August-September that could be of wild origin.
Marbled Teal Marmaronetta angustirostris . A total of 54 birds were counted at Brazo del Este, Sevilla last 13.9.2000 (Francisco Chiclana).
Ruddy Duck* Oxyura jamaicensis. A bird in company of 3 White-headed ducks Oxyura leucocephala at Canal Vell lagoon, Ebro Delta, Tarragona. 18-24.9.2000. (David Bigas et al.).
Lesser Spotted Eagle* Aquila pomarina . 2nd cy bird seen well and photographed on 3rd of Sep at Tarifa. 2nd for Spain (Dick Forsman)
Long-legged Buzzard* Buteo rufinus ssp. cirtensis studied in detail and also photographed at Tarifa on 12th and seen again there on 15th Sep. (Dick Forsman). See three photos here.
Pallid Harrier* Circus macrourus. Juvenile. Balsa de Zolina. Navarra. 29. September 2000. (Gorka Gorospe). Would be 1st Spanish autumn record.
Bonaparte's Gull* Larus philadelphia. 1st winter. A bird from 8-10.9.2000 at Canal Vell lagoon, Ebro Delta (David Bigas). Relocated at same place the 22.9.2000 (D.Bigas) but not found the 23-24th despite intensive research.
Laughing Gull* Larus atricilla . A bird was seen at Coto Doñana Beach, Huelva  from 28-29.9.2000 (Manuel Máñez, Héctor Garrido).
Sabine's Gull Larus sabini. 3 individuals were seen off Estaca de Vares, Galicia, the 11th, plus 17 more the 17th (C.O. Sterna / El Ferrol) with another single adult off Cabo Buruela, Lugo the same day (Luís José Salaverri)
Pacific Golden Plover* Pluvialis fulva , an adult moulting to winter plumage. Illa de Buda, Ebro Delta, 13.9.2000. (David Bigas, Quim Bach, Francesc Vidal, Pau Aragó, Xavier Sotomayor). 4th for Spain
Terek Sandpiper* Xenus cinereus. 31.8.2000-12.9.2000. Juvenile. Salinas del Cabo de Gata, Almería (Alberto Savijn).
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos. A juvenile bird at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park, Girona, the weekend of 20.9-21.09 (Jordi Martí).
Little Swift* Apus affinis seen in mixed flock of Swifts including Apus caffer(!) at Tarifa on 15th (Dick Forsman)
Citrine Wagtail* Motacilla citreola. At least one Euring 3 bird seen and photographed, another heard. 17.9.2000. Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park (Rafael Armada; J.Luis Copete)

 * rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO

A rather early MANX SHEARWATER was present off Vigo near Cíes Islands the 13rd. Early BLACK STORKS were reported from Galicia (20.8 Antela, Ourense) and Llobregat Delta (12th and another the 19-20th). The population of GLOSSY IBIS seems to be doing well in the South and current roosts hold over a hundred birds in Brazo del Este, Seville, while a party of 19 were at Albufera de Valencia the 26th .
A believed to be wild RUDDY SHELDUCK* (an adult eclipse male)  was seen at Remolar lagoon, Llobregat Delta from 24-27th. There are only a handful of records in the NE and this well fits with the period of maximum records in Central Europe (see for more details). A party of 28 MARBLED TEALS were at Brazo del Este, Seville the 28th.
Like in the previous two years, a TURKEY VULTURE (Cathartes aura) has been reported lingering around Tarifa, where seen during the raptor migration survey hold every year.  Three ringed CRESTED COOTS coming from a reintroduction scheme in Valencia were seen in Canal Vell lagoon, Ebro Delta (c.200 km well North) the last week of August. Two adult DOTTERELS were seen at 2700 m high at Vallter 2000 sky resort, Girona, Pyrenees the 27th. It's not clear while they are migrants or part of the Spanish local population which breeds in this part of the country, also on the move these days. A WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER* was seen from 26-27th at Moro Marsh, Sagunto, Valencia (there are 11 previous accepted records for mainland Spain).The 2nd PECTORAL SANDPIPER* this autumn was a non-juvenile seen from 6-10th at Llobregat Delta. 
A SPOTTED SANDPIPER* was the 14th at Garxal, Ebro Delta. Also there, a TEREK SANDPIPER* was the 15th at Buda island. A PIED CROW Corvus albus was reported around el Saler, Valencia during late July. It was believed to come from a ship, but it's unknown wether if it was assisted during the trip. A totally white (albino) HOUSE MARTIN was seen at Laguna de Zurbano, Vitoria, the 5th. A LESSER WHITETHROAT (rarity for NE Spain) was reported in Aiguamolls de l'Empordà the 20th.Also rare in the NE, an ICTERINE WARBLER was trapped and ringed the 7th at Ebro Delta.

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