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Slavonian Grebe* Podiceps auritus. The first record this autumn was that of a bird in company of 10 Black-necked grebes at estuario del Miño, A Guarda, Pontevedra (César Vidal) on 16.11. In Catalonia, two birds were seen at Ebre Delta on 23.11 (David Bigas).

Red-necked Grebe Podiceps grisegena.  One bird at ría del Eo (Asturias- Lugo), from 11.11 (Gilberto S. Jardón) to 20.11 (Xurde Gayol) at least  again seen on 27.11 (Gilberto S. Jardón). In Catalonia, a bird was seen at Trabucador beach, Ebre Delta on 24.11 (Jordi Ruiz, Ferran Blanch).

Great White Egret Egretta alba. The best-ever year for the species in Spain. See also September and October news.

  • NE Mediterranean coast:
Present at (North to South):
    • Llobregat Delta, Barcelona: 3 birds on 8.11 (E.Guinart, A.Ramal, F.López,R.Gutiérrez ) but 6 on 11.11 (F.López, R.Gutiérrez, J. Melero et al) and two on 29.11 (E.Guinart et al) but none on 30.11.
    • Ebre Delta, Tarragona (D.Bigas; Sisco Vidal): still 54+birds. 19+ birds established at Buda Island will probably overwinter; 35 more birds at Punta de la Banya and some others here and there not counted to avoid duplications (Ebro Delta Nat. Park).
    • Albufera de València: 7 birds on 2.11 (equipo de censo del Parc Natural de l'Albufera: Francisco Javier García y Gans, Bosco Dies, Carlos Oltra, Francisco José Català, Ignacio Dies)
    • El Hondo de Amorós (Alacant). 2 birds on 8.11( Sergio Arroyo, Luis Fidel Sarmiento).
  • North
    • Navarra. 9 birds at Laguna de Lor, Cascante on 3.11(José Ardaiz)
    • Euskadi. 2 birds at Parque Ecológico de Plaiaundi, Txingudi, Gipuzkoa on 16.11 (Héctor González). The species is present in the area since it was first recorded in October.
    • Cantabria. Marisma de Zapedo (Parque natural de

    • Oyambre-Cantabria): a bird from 4.11 (J. Saiz Villoria y F.J. Portillo) to 6.11(Isidoro Fombellida).
    • Galicia. One bird from 19.11 at Ria de Muros e Noia, Noia, A Coruña, Galicia (Xabier Vázquez Pumariño)  to 26.11 at least (Gabriel Martín, SEO/ Pontevedra). At Límia, Ourense, near Cruceiro, a bird was seen on 29.11 (F.J. Fernández Gómez).
  • Inland
    • Madrid: the bird reported last month in Soto de Mozanaque (Algete, Madrid) remains there on 9.11 (Delfín González)).
  • South
    • Sevilla. Seven bird entering in a roost at Brazo del Este the afternoon on 5.11 (Francisco Chiclana) but some (less than15) on 12.11 (José Cañas/ SEO-CORDOBA and SEO/Sevilla)and 8 on 28.11 (Francisco Chiclana). A bird at Veta la Palma, Sevilla on 17.11 (Francisco Chiclana).
    • Extremadura. On 4.11a bird at embalse de Los Canchales, Mérida (Javier Prieta) initially seen on 22.10 (Emilio Costillo). Two from 5-12.11(Emilio Costillo) then a single bird at least until 26.11 (Emilio Costillo). 
Western Reef Heron* Egretta gularis. A Pale phase, slightly pied bird of the schistacea subspecies present at Cal Roc, Llobregat Delta, Barcelona at least until  8.11.2000 (X.Larruy, J.Bécares, J.Castelló). This is the same bird seen in September present in the area probably from August but now darker on mantle (R. Gutiérrez, F. Santaeufèmia i F. López). This bird was relocated on mid-morning of 29.11 at Molins de Rei marshes, Barcelona, the place where it was initially found last August (Sergi Sales).
A dark phase bird was seen at Veta la Palma, Sevilla on 17.11 (Francisco Chiclana).

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus. In Extremadura, there were on  3.11, three birds in las Vegas Altas del Guadiana (M. Gómez Calzado) plus two more at Mérida (J.M. Benítez).  About 185 in roost at Brazo del Este, Sevilla on 12.11(José Cañas/ SEO-CORDOBA and SEO/Sevilla) but  less than 100 on 28.11 (Francisco Chiclana).

Yellow-billed Stork* Mycteria ibis. One seen at Playa de Sotavento, near Gorriones Hotel, Fuerteventura, Canary islands. 7 and 13.11.2000 (Max Berlijn).

Mute Swan* Cygnus olor. Besides free-flying presumed-to-be foreign birds arriving to the country, a number of probable feral origin birds are present here and there. A presumed wild bird was seen at Noia harbour, A Coruña on 20.10 (communicated by Anton Pérez). Probably feral birds include a bird at els Arcs, Lleida on 21.11 (Francesc Moncasí) and two resident at Aiguabarreig Segre-Cinca (Lleida/Huesca) the first at least from 19.1.1999 and the 2nd from 23.1.2000, having been up to four during the current year (Guillem Chacón).

Whooper Swan* Cygnus cygnus. 8 birds (3 1st calendar-yeard birds and 5 adult-like birds) have been in ría de Ortigueira on 11.11. After c.40 minutes of observation they departed towards the East (J.Miguel Alonso Pumar y Ricardo Hevia). Relocated at same place on 13.11 (C.O. Sterna)  still there on 26.11and will possibly overwinter (Pablo Gutiérrez / C.O. Sterna). See a photo  of these birds here.  2nd sighting this year in Galicia after a bird in Traba lagoon, A Coruña, in an undetermined date in October (J.Luís Rabuñal).

White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons. A bird was seen at laguna de A Frouxeira ,Valdoviño, A Coruña on 1.11 (Manuel Pose/ C.O.Sterna).  Another bird on 16.11 at the same place could be the same individual (Edmundo Fraga / CO Sterna).

Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea. Two birds were at Laguna de Villafáfila, Zamora on 18.11 (Delfín González). See video-captures of these birds here.

American Wigeon* Anas americana. A pair was present at Marisma de O'Bao, O'Grove, Pontevedra from 11.11 (Gabriel Martín García and Damian Romay Cousido) to 19.11 at least (Carlos Luciarte, Luis Álvarez, Xurxo Piñeiro, Cosme Damián).

American Black Duck* Anas rubipres. Presumably the male found on  21.10 at ría de Ortigueira, A Coruña, in company of Mallards (José Miguel Alonso Pumar, see october chronicle)was relocated on 26.11 at the same place (Pablo Gutierrez /C.O.Sterna). This bird is a firm candidate for becoming a long-staying rarity like in previous ocasions in N Spain. 

Marbled Teal Marmaronetta angustirostris. 4 birds were at Los Molinos reservoir, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands from 11-18.11 (Manfred Fleischer).

Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca. Simultaneous wintering birds arrival: on 9.11, two males arrive to Llobregat Delta (F.López) and 4 individuals (2 ad males, 1 1st w male and one female) to Ebro Delta (David Bigas). No Oxyuras remain in the latter area (see last month chronicle).

Lesser Scaup* Aythya affinis. Two females were present just in the same locality than a pair of American Wigeons, but off Sanxenxo, further S (see above) from 11.11: O'Grove, Pontevedra (Gabriel Martín García and Damian Romay Cousido) and were relocated at Oleiros marsh on 17.11(Marcial Lorenzo, Bruno Pazos, Cosme Damián). They are probably still there.
In The Canary Islands, 2 females: a first year and a adult were at Roquito del Fraile from 15-18.11(Tommy Frandsen).

Aquila sp. Possibly a Spotted Eagle Aquila clanga*. A bird moves fast to the South over the Filipines marsh , Llobregat Delta while being mobbed by two Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus. (personal communication to Ferran López).

Spotted Eagle* Aquila clanga. An adult bird at Lucio del Lobo, Sevilla on 25.11 (Javier Salcedo et al).

Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus. Extremely late record: Mèdol, near Puig Rodó,Tarragona on 9.11 (Ferran González Prat, Jaume Orta).

Long-legged Buzzard* Buteo rufinus. A bird, probably a 1st calendar-year bird, was seen at platja Eucaliptus, Ebre Delta, Tarragona on 27.11(Steve West & Toni Nievas). Not seen despite intensive search the afternoon of 29.11 (David Bigas & Julia PIccardo).

Corncrake Crex crex. Only recent report: a bird shot in San Andrés de los Tacones, near  Embalse de San Andrés, Gijón, Asturies on 16.11. (Shot by a hunter, communicated by Ángel Fernández González).

Terek Sandpiper* Xenus cinereus. A bird was seen on 4.11 at Playa de Sancti Petri, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz (Javier Salcedo, Francisco Chiclana, José Antonio Lama).

Lesser Yellowlegs* Tringa flavipes. One first-winter bird seen at Gallinera rice-fields, Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park on 16.11 (Jordi Martí, Teresa Montràs, Anna Puig).Relocated on 26.11at the same place (J.L. Copete & Rafael Armada) but not seen on 27.11 despite highly intensive search that produced, in turn, a Snow Bunting (see below). Relocated on 30.11 at the same place (Jordi Martí /PNAE).

Greater Yellowlegs* Tringa melanoleuca. One bird from 4-5.11 at least at laguna de Valdoviño, A Coruña in company of 2 Redshanks Tringa totanus (C.O. Sterna). 5th for Spain. Presumably the same bird relocated on 25.11 at Ría de Ortigueira, A Coruña (Luís J. Salaverri.)

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis A bird was seen at Veta la Palma, Sevilla on 17.11 (Francisco Chiclana).

Sabine's Gull Larus sabini. A 1st winter bird from 2-6.11 at Hondarribia harbour, Euskadi (Héctor González Arcelus).

Ring-billed Gull* Larus delawarensis. On 1.11, an adult bird in the middle of a Yellow-legged gull L. cachinnans flock at Marisma Joyel, Noja, Cantabria. (José Miguel Devesa, Edurne Narzabal).

Caspian Tern Sterna caspia. On 4.11 a total of 25 birds (including a single flock of 19 individuals) were at Playa de Sancti Petri, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz (Francisco Chiclana, José Antonio Lama).  6 more at Veta la Palma, Sevilla on 17.11 (Francisco Chiclana).

Little Auk Alle alle. A bird landed on 4.11 within Getxo harbour, Euskadi. There are doubts about its physical condition (Ubarroi).  Another bird was seen in Hondarribia (=Fuenterrabia) harbour, Gipuzkoa on 11.11 (Héctor González).

Richard's Pipit* Anthus richardi . One presumed first-winter individual seen within Barcelona's Airport area at carretera de la platja, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona on 1.11 (Juan Diego González). Searched but not found the day after. On 4.11, a bird was seen around midday at Alfés, Lleida (X.Larruy, J.Bécares, J.Jofre and R.Sanz).

Red-throated pipit Anthus cervinus. 1 individual at remains of Podrida lagoon, Llobregat Delta, Barcelona on 3.11. A very late record (X. Larruy, D. Díaz i R. Sanz).

Paddyfield Warbler* Acrocephalus agricola. A bird was briefly seen in the bushes of the river bed of the Besòs, near Santa Coloma de Gramenet , the morning of 29.11 (Xavier Larruy). 

Tristis Chiffchaff* Phylloscopus collybita tristis- abietinus. After spotting the Paddyfield Warbler, and amongst a large number of Chiffchaffs, a bird showing the characters of this subspecies was  seen in the river bed of the Besòs, near Santa Coloma de Gramenet , the morning of 29.11 (Xavier Larruy).

Yellow-browed Warbler* Phylloscopus inornatus. An individual trapped on 1.11 neat Olot, Girona, within a ringing campaign organized by GCA was the 2nd ringing for this species in Catalonia (after the 1st in 1998) (Oriol Clarabuch et al /GCA).

Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis. At laguna de Valdoviño, A Coruña, Galicia, eight birds were present on 17.11 (Edmundo Fraga y Luis J. Salaverri).  3 presumed to be males were from 3-5.11 at Chao das Grallas, Villanueva de Oscos, Asturias, at c.1000 m high (Gilberto S Jardón) See vidcap below(© Gilberto S Jardón). While searching for the Lesser-Yellowlegs (see above) in Parc Natural Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, a bird was located at Gallinera rice-fields on 27.11 (Ferran López et al).
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