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Leach's Petrel Oceanodroma leucorrhoa. A fresh corpse was found in the beach of A Lançada, O'Grove, Pontevedra, Galicia on 8.12. (C. D. Romai Cousido, X. Pinheiro Álvarez). On 9.12 a bird was seen flying "inland" at Ensenada de O'Bao, O'Grove, Pontevedra, coinciding with a severe sea-gale (SEO/Ponte-Vedra). 5 birds were seen off Odiel Marshes, Huelva, on 24.12 (Francisco Chiclana). On 26.12, 2-3 birds flying among the waves near the Lançada beach, Ogrobe, Galiza. (Pierre-André Crochet, Emmanuel D'Hoore, Cosme Damiám Romai Cousido). Two were off Punta Umbria harbour pier, Huelva on 30.12 (Francisco Chiclana)

Great White Egret Egretta alba. The best-ever year for the species in Spain. See also September , October and November news.

  • NE Mediterranean coast:

  • Present at (North to South):
    • Baix Empordà. One bird on 2.12 (Daniel Burgas)
    • Girona. A bird was seen from 22-26.12 at river Ter, Girona town, the 1st for the city (Marta Palmada; Aleix Comas). On 20.12, another (the same?) was seen at Fluvià river, at Bascara (Ponç Feliu).
    • Besós river. One was near the Damm Beer factory on 23.12 (Eduard Gonzàlez).
    • Llobregat Delta, Barcelona: none. Last sighting 29.11
    • Ebre Delta, Tarragona. At least 15+ birds seen while birdwatching along the Delta on 4.12.2000 thus the count of November of +55 birds seems even a low figure! (D.Bigas, R.Gutiérrez,F.López, J.Castelló,X.Larruy).
  • Inland
    • Madrid. . Two birds at least. A bird was present at gravera Picón de los Conejos, Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid on 2.12. (Delfín González). From 10-31.12 a bird at Soto de Mozanaque, Algete (Delfín González). And from 13-17.12 a bird at "graveras del Porcal", Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid (Delfín González) still there on 28.12 (Gabriel Martín).
  • South
    • Andalusia. A party of 5 birds was present at Guadalhorce river mouth, Málaga on 9.12 (Antonio Tamayo) but not on 10.12 (Andy Paterson).
    • Extremadura. The bird at embalse de Los Canchales, Mérida initially seen on 22.10  was still there on 1.12.2000 (Juan Antonio García Jiménez). Two birds were seen from 11.12.200 (Juan Antonio García Jiménez)
Marabou* Leptoptilos crumeniferus. A bird was reported from Malapartida de Cáceres, Extremadura around 8.12 (Alvaro Tejerina). 

Whooper Swan* Cygnus cygnus. The 8 birds (3 1st calendar-yeard birds and 5 adult-like birds) have been in ría de Ortigueira seen in November became 7 on 9.12 (José Miguel Alonso Pumar).  The other died in a recovery center on 12.12 (Antonio Sandoval) and the remaining party left Ortigueira before 10.12  (Cosme Damián Romai). 2 birds were seen at Camariñas, Galiza from 28-30.12 at least (Jordi Martí; Javier del Acebo).

Mute Swan* Cygnus olorA probably 2nd winter bird was at Estero de Domingo Rubio, Huelva, on 8.12 (Francisco Chiclana et al).A bird was at ría de Muros e Noia, just in front of  Noia town, Corunha, Galiza (Coruña, Galicia)on 21.12 (Xavier Vazquez Pumariño). At Combarro, Ria de Pontevedra, Galiza, 2 birds were seen on 11.12 (Daniel Serrano). Four birds were at R.N.M. de Santoña y Noja,  marisma de Joyel, Noja (Luis G. Usillos). And one bird at Embalse de San Andrés, Asturies, on 26.12 (Elías García).

Pink-footed Goose* Anser brachyrhynchus. A bird was seen on Anbeko polder, ria de Gernika, Bizkaia, on 24.12 (Jon Hidalgo). Still there on 28.12 (Jon Hidalgo). Another, initially seen in November (Quique Carballal) was still present at Cecebre reservoir, Corunha, Galiza, on 22.12 (Delfín González). See photos of this bird here.

White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons. Three adults were seen on Anbeko polder, ria de Gernika, Bizkaia, on 24.12 (Jon Hidalgo).  Still there on 28.12 (Jon Hidalgo). A single bird was in the middle of a flock of 125 Greylags at Santander Bay from 17-19.12 at least (Juan Gómez Navedo).

Green-Winged Teal* Anas carolinensis. A male was found at lago de Valdoviño, Corunha, Galiza, on 22.12 (Antonio Gutiérrez).

American Black Duck* Anas rubipres. The male found on  21.10 at ría de Ortigueira, A Coruña, in company of Mallards was still there on 9.12(José Miguel Alonso Pumar). On 10.12 it was joining a flock of  300 Anas platyrhynchos and near a group of 800 Anas penelope at Enseada de Mera, Ria de Ortigueira, A Coruña (Cosme Damián Romai, E. Martinez Sabarís, M. Fandinho Da Rocha). On 24-25.12, despite of a complete searching in the Ria de Ortigueira, the bird wasn't located there (Pierre-André Crochet).

American Wigeon* Anas americana. The pair was present at Marisma de O'Bao, O'Grove, Pontevedra from 11.11 was still there on 8.12. In the same Eurasian Wigeon party there might be an additional American Wigeon yet to be confirmed (C. D. Romai Cousido, X. Pinheiro Álvarez, M. Freán Hernandez, I. Álvarez Balvís). On 10.12 they continued there (Ignacio Torres). But on 26.12 there was no sign of that pair at the Marisma de O Bao, Ogrobe, Galiza (Pierre-André Crochet, Emmanuel D'Hoore, Cosme Damiám Romai Cousido).

Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca . 6 birds (4 males, 2 females) at gravera del Porcal, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid on 17.12, the highest-ever count there (Delfín González). A male was seen at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca, on 23.12 (Francisco Cosme). Four birds (4 m & 4 f) were at Doñana marshes on 30.12 (Jorge Garzón).

Ring-necked Duck* Aythya collaris. A male was seen from 22-23.12.2000 at least at laguna de Vixán, P. N. de Corrubedo, Galiza (Jacobo de Nóvoa, Camilo de Nóvoa , Benjamín Fernández , Diego de Nóvoa; Miguel Conde), still there on 24.12 (Xosé Pardavila Rodriguéz, Gonzalo Mucientes Sandoval). A female was at embalse de San Andrés , Xixón, on 18.12 (Elías García).

Scaup Aythya marila. A 1st winter male was present at Rosadoiro reservoir, Arteixo, Galicia on 8.12 (Antonio Sandoval). The same day, a bird was at ria de Ortigueira (Ignacio Torres). On 23.12 another (the same?) individual was seen again at Ortigueira (Luis José Salaverri, J.M. Alonso Pumar, Jordi Martí). On 24.12 still present at Ria de Ortigueira, Galiza (Pierre-André Crochet).

Lesser Scaup* Aythya affinis. The female pair at O'Grove was still there on 10.12 (Ignacio Torres et al). On 26.12 there was no sign of the two females reported till 10.12  in the Rouxique grave pits, Sao Genjo (Sao Ginês), Galiza (Pierre-André Crochet, Emmanuel D'Hoore, Cosme Damiám Romai Cousido).

Mandarin Duck* Aix galericulata. A bird was seen on 5.12 at Laguna de Traba, A Coruña (Ignacio Torres). Might be a long-staying bird. Still there on 17.12 (C.Damiam Romai et al).

King Eider* Somateria spectabilis. A 1st winter male was found at Laxe (Laje) harbour, A Corunha, Galiza on 12.12.2000 (Communicated by Eduardo de Juana). On 17.12.2000 after news released in this web site, a group of observers relocate the bird on rocks just north of Laje harbour and even on the beach (Luis José Salaverri, José Miguel Alonso, Pablo Pita, Pablo Gutiérrez, Antonio Gutiérrez, Albert Burgas, César Vidal, Tito Salvadores y Cosme Damiám Romai). This is the 2nd record for Spain but the first putatively assigned to A category, and thus into the Spanish list. Still there on 22.12.2000 (Jordi Martí). Last sighting from 30.12 (Antonio Sandoval com.pers.).

Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis.A bird at embalse de La Granda, Gozón, Asturies from october 2000 (Elías García et alii)

Smew* Mergellus albellus.  A 1st winter was seen flying in front of Punta la Vaca, Gozón, Asturies on 2.12 (Elías Garcia).

Goosander* Mergus merganser. A bird seen at playa de Santa Cristina, Ría de A Coruña, Galicia on 5.12 (Antonio Sandoval). A pair was strangely reported at Portezuelo,Cáceres around 8.12 (Antonio Mateos).

Little Auk Alle alle. A bird at Cariño harbour, Galiza on 30.12 was seen at close distance (Luís Salaverri, Ricardo y Miguel Hevia, José Miguel Alonso Pumar). 

Spotted Eagle* Aquila clanga. A juvenile pale-type bird was seen from 18-19.12 at Parc Natural Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (Jordi Martí). On 21.12 the bird was still there and was video-taped and photographed (Ricard Gutiérrez, Emma Guinart, Segi Romero). On 30.12 it was relocated again (Daniel Burgas et al.)

Lesser Yellowlegs* Tringa flavipes. Thee first-winter bird seen at Gallinera rice-fields, Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park from 16.11 was still there on 12.12 (Pierre-André Crochet). Was photographed and video-taped on 8-9.10 and showed some moulted escapulars (Ricard Gutiérrez, Ferran López, Helena Arbonés). Still there on 21.12 (Teresa Montràs; Ricard Gutiérrez, Emma Guinart) but with a more advanced winter-plumage aspect.

Greater Yellowlegs* Tringa melanoleuca. The bird found on early November was still at Ría de Ortigueira, A Coruña on 9.12 (C.O. Sterna)).  It was relocated on 24.12 with high tide in a marsh near the village of Sao Clodio, with Redshanks and Greenshanks (Pierre-André Crochet) and remained there on 31.12 (Pablo Pita & Pablo Gutiérrez). Another bird was found on 19.12 at Villafranco del Guadalquivir, Sevilla (Paco Chiclana, Javier Seoane), probably previously seen at Entremuros del Guadiamar on 15.12 by the same observers.

Sabine's Gull Larus sabini. A 1st winter individual was seen off Punta Umbría harbour pier, Huelva on 30.12 (Francisco Chiclana).

Glaucous Gull* Larus hyperboreus. At Cariño harbour, A Coruña, Galicia, a 1st winter bird was present on 9.12 (José Miguel Alonso Pumar). Two 1st winters at Embalse de San Andrés, Xixón, Asturies and also a 1st winter and an adult at El Musel harbour ,Xixón on 26.12 (Elías García Sánchez).

Kumlien's Iceland Gull* Larus glaucoides kumlieni. A  3rd winter bird belonging to this subspecies was seen on 28.12 at Ría do Burgo, Corunha, Galiza (Antonio Sandoval). Would be a 1st for the country. The presence of an  aberrant /leucistic Yellow-leged gulll Larus cachinnans in the same area (based on a detailed description submitted to this web site by Cosme Damiám Cousido, Emmanuel D'Hoore) has caused confusion regarding the possibility of misidentification between the two species. But they appear to be different birds (César Vidal) and the CR/SEO looks forward to receive a complete report of this potential first.

Bonaparte's Gull* Larus philadelphia.Three first-winter birds at Ría d'Avilés, Avilés/Gozón, Asturies, on 30.12 (Pin García Cañal). 

Ring-billed Gull* Larus delawarensis. On 6.12 , 4 birds (1 adult and  3 immatures) at Parque de Isabel la Católica, Xixón, Asturies, one of the usual overwintering localities in the region  (Elías García). On 8.12 a bird was at ria de Ortigueira , A Coruña (Ignacio Torres et al).An adult at marisma de la Ramallosa, Baiona, Pontevedra on 18.12.2000 (Tito Salvadores). Flood of observations: On 16.12, 5 1st winters were at Parque de Isabel la Católica, Xixón, Asturies (Elias García). However, there were 7 (1 adult plus 6 1st winters) on 25.12 (Fernando Álvarez-Balbuena). At El Abra, Bilbao, a bird on 25.12 (José Miguel Soler, Delfín González). At Ria do Burgo, Corunha, two birds were present on 25.12 too, an adult found that day plus a 1st winter arrived on 24.12 (Antonio Sandoval). Following the adult at Baiona reported on 18.12, a 1st winter appeared there on 24.12 (César Vidal). In Southern Spain, a 2nd winter bird was at Odiel Marshes, Huelva on 24.12 (Francisco Chiclana). Another 1st winter  bird was seen at Camariñas beach on 30.12 (Jordi Martí). And an adult at Punta Umbria harbour pier on 30.12 (Francisco Chiclana). At least eight 1st winters and an adult at Isabel la Católica Park, Xixón, Asturies on 26.12. The same day, another at Musel harbour and another 1st witner at Embalse de San Andrés, Xixón (Elias García). 

White-winged Black Tern Chlydonias leucopterus . A first winter individual seen at ricefields between l'Encanyissada and la Nòria, Ebre Delta, Tarragona on 4.12.2000 in company of +20 Chlydonias hybridus (D.Bigas, R.Gutiérrez, X.Larruy, F.López, J.Castelló).

Black Guillemot* Cepphus grylle. A bird was seen on passage off Punta la Vaca, Gozón, Asturies by mid December (María Teresa Reigada García).

Richards Pipit* Anthus richardi: Some birds seen from october/november 2000, in the different overwintering hotspots of this species in Asturies: Arnao (Castripol), Vigu (Navia) and  Cabu Peñes (Gozón) (Xurde Gayol et alii). On 18.12, a bird was seen at embalse de Tresona, Corvera, Asturies (Elias García). In Doñana marshes, two birds were seen feeding with White wagtails on 30.12 (Jorge Garzón). On 30.12 two birds were seen at Cabu Peñes, Gozón, Asturies (Pin García Cañal).

Yellow-browed Warbler* Phylloscopus inornatus: A bird at  Siana, Mieres, Asturies from 4 december and still around on 7.12 (Clemente Álvarez Usategui et alii).

Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis. At Cariño beach, A Coruña, Galicia, a bird was present on 9.12 (José Miguel Alonso Pumar). On 7.12, 9 birds were at Valdoviño, Galicia (Ignacio Torres). Four birds were at Baldaio, Galiza, on 23.12 (Antonio Sandoval). An adult winter plumaged male was at Presa de Bolarque, Guadalajara at 1100 m. high on 27.12 (Ignacio Torres) 

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