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JUNE 2001
* rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO

Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis . A bird passed off Estaca de Bares, Galicia, on 17.6 (Antonio Sandoval).

Great White Egret Egretta alba After may census from Ebro Delta (late april) giving 32 birds (PNDE), at last  SIX pairs are currently breeding in the N part of the Delta (David Bigas/ PNDE).A bird was seen in the Filipines marsh, Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat Delta on 5.6.2001 (Armand Ramal, Vanessa Lomeña)A bird was at Veta la Palma, Sevilla, on 12.6 (Paco Chiclana).A bird was at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà on 17.6 (Helena Perxacs, Joan Carles Gimisó, Ponç Feliu, Aleix Comes).  Another was at Llobregat Delta heron roost on 25.6 afternoon (Armand Ramal). 

Western Reef Heron Egretta gularis gularis. An adult breeding plumaged dark-phase bird, the same featured previously at least on 25.5 was seen again and photographed on 19.6 (Carles Domingo, Ricard Gutiérrez, Ferran López, Emma Guinart).A hybrid with Little Egret Egretta garzetta was at Racó de l'Olla, Albufera de València at least on 28.6 (Nacho Díes).

White Pelican* Pelecanus onocrotalus. Threebirds were at Veta la Palma, Sevilla, on 12.6 (Paco Chiclana). These are perhaps the long-stayers reported many months ago.

Yellow-billed Stork* Mycteria ibis. An unknown origin bird was seen at Albufera de Mallorca on 25.6 (Rafel Mas / PNS'Alb)

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus Nineteen pairs were breeding at Ebro Delta (counted nests) on 15.6 (Sisco Vidal/PNDE). This represents the largest-ever count in the rather recently established colony of Ebre Delta. A bird was at Moro marsh, Sagunt, València on 18.6 at least (Marcial Yuste)

Lesser Flamingo*Phoenicopterus minor. The adult bird previously featured in this web page (see May report) was observed again on 14.6 at the Arnosa-Rouxique area, Sao Genjo (Sanxenxo), Galiza (Galicia). This bird was closely observed and had an extremely tame behaviour (?). Most local birders thought this bird to be an escape (however, the same bird had a typical free-bird behaviour last month...) (Jorge Pinheiro Alvarez). This is clearly not the same bird than the preiously seen in La Mancha. 

Mute Swan*Cygnus olor. A bird was at Veta la Palma, Sevilla, on 12.6 (Paco Chiclana). The pair featured previously as overwintgering in the Aiguabarreig Segre-Cinca has bred in this place and produced chicks at La Granja d'Escarp, Lleida (Guillem Chacón).

Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea 2 birds were at embalse de Embalse de Valmayor, El Escorial, Madrid on 2.6 (Gabriel Martin García, Gabriel José Martin Diaz). A male was seen at a seasonal lagon in Valladolid on 16-17.6 (Alejandro Torés y Román Escudero).

Egyptian Goose* Alopochen aegyptiacus. A feral pair has bred in the S'Albufera de Mallorca Natural Park and produced 5 pulli on 2.6. This is one of the sole breeding reports ever-known in Spain of this species.

Scaup Aythya marila. A male of this species was unseasonally seen at lago de Doniños, Ferrol, Galicia on 9-10.6 (Pablo Gutiérrez / CO Sterna)

White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala. Captive Spanish birds have been released in former breeding sites in Italy and France. Eight birds were released in lago Salso, N of Puglia, in Italy in april. The species became extinct in that place fifty years ago. In France, five birds were released in Biguglia lake, Corsica where they had dissapeared 33 years ago (J.A. Torres Esquivias)

Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus. A number of observations in the NE: a bird in the Cerdanya county, Catalonia, on 16-17.6 (Jordi Bas) and many in the Lleida steppes rather late: 5.6: 1 female at secà de Bellmunt (Gerard Bota & Jordi de la Casa), 7.6: a male at secà de Bellmunt (Jordi de la Casa & Pere Magraner) and a female at secà de Balaguer (Arnau Bonan & Gerard Bota) and 8.6: 1 male at Plans de Sió,Bellver d'Ossó (Jordi de la Casa). The week from 4 to 8 de june 2001 there was also a male and a female at Mas de Melons reserve (Josep Piqué)

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis. An adult bird was seen at Filipines marsh, Llobregat Delta, on 13.6 (Tom Gullick, Ferran López). A bird was at Moro Marsh, Sagunt, València on 26.6 (Marcial Yuste). Another had lingered by Albufera de València the week before (Nacho Díes).

Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes. A probable 1st summer bird was seen on the afternoon of 13.6 at Closa del Puig, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (Jordi Martí, Teresa Montràs). Still there on 14.5 Another bird of this species was seen last autumn-winter there.

Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus. A bird was found at Racó de l'Olla, Albufera de València on 28.6 (Bosco & Nacho Díes, Ricard Gutiérrez, Sisco Vidal et al). Only the 2nd record for the Park.

Lesser Crested Tern  Sterna bengalensis. Following last month sighting of a pair displaying in S Spain, a bird was seen breeding in a confidential location in the Spanish Mediterranean coast on 3.6 (author not displayed). It is not clear yet if as part of a mixed pair with sandvicensis or as a pure pair.

Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus. A bird was seen in the Collada de Toses pass, Girona Pyrenees, on 17.5. This could be the 2nd record for Spain if accepted (Guillermo Diaz Behrens)

Lesser-Grey Shrike Lanius minor. One of the two only Spanish populations, that of Lleida steppes, is holding this 2001 yeat a total of 8 pairs (David Giralt).

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