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AUGUST 2001 
* rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO

Pied-billed Grebe* Podilymbus podiceps Potential second record for the Iberian Peninsula (third for Spain): an adult bird in breeding plumage is observed at the Lagoa de Vixán (Monte-Bijám), Corruvedo NP, Ribeira (Galiza/ Galicia) on 25.7 (Jorge 'Xurxo' Pinheiro). It was still there on 2.8 (César Vidal) and 4.8 (Jorge Pinheiro, Cosme Damiám Romai, Xesús Morales, Carlos Luciarte, Tito Salvadores). Very distrusted bird, spends most of time resting next to (or in the middle) of the reed band, just in front of the Bird Observatory, next to Coots (Fulica atra) and Moorhens (Gallinula chloropus). NOTE: mentioned observers recommend to eventual 'twitchers' to be silent and patient with this bird (long 'reed-watching' sessions are needed to see this secretive bird). See the thumbnail hereOn 9.8 the bird was seen at the same place, very active with other wildfowl (Gabriel, Xosé Pardavila,Gonzalo Mucientes).Confirmed!: two Pied-billed grebes in Spain: the bird at Embalse de La Grajera, Rioja, was relocated on 19.8 (J.L.Copete, R.Armada, F.López, X.Macià, M.Iranzo, A.Tintó).

Fea's Petrel* Pterodroma feae. Putative 1st for Spain!. One bird off Tenerife seen from Tenerife-Gomera ferry on 28 July (Tony Clarke, Kevin Woodhouse, Roger Pedley)

Wilson's Storm Petrel* Oceanites oceanicus. Almost incredible numbers recorded:  Seven birds were seen 20 miles NW off Ferrol, A Coruña (Grupo Sterna) on 5.8. See photo 1. See photo 2. On 24.7 more than 300 birds were 8 miles W off Sisargas Islands, Pontevedra (José Cedeira). On 1.8, a single bird was 7 miles W off Cabo Silleiro, Baiona, Pontevedra, Galicia (José Cedeira) and on 3.8 over 50 birds were 7 miles W of cabo Silleiro, Baiona, Galicia (José Cedeira). 

Red-billed Tropicbird* Phaeton aethereus. A bird seen from La Palma - Tenerife ferry on 25.8 afternoon. In the same ferry 200 Great Shearwaters Puffinus grfavis were seen (Tony Clarke & eight British birders)

Western Reef Heron* Egretta gularis. On 15.8, a bird was at desembocadura del Río Guadalhorce,Málaga (Andy Paterson, Andrés Serrano Lavad)o 

Great White Egret Egretta alba. A bird remained in Moro marsh, Sagunt, València, from 9-18.8 (Marcial Yuste) A bird was at Embalse de Santillana, Madrid on 13.8 (Gabriel Martín García). 13 birds were altogether at l'Alfacada-Migjorn, Ebro Delta, Tarragona, on 27.8 (Pau Esteban)

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus 28 birds were at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 12.8 (Paco Chiclana). About 300 birdsentered a roost at the same place on 17.8 (Paco Chiclana). A the same place, there 69 birds in a group on 26.8 (Paco Chiclana). About 60 birds were seen altogether at abandoned rice-fields of Alfacada - Migjorn, Ebro Delta, Tarragona, on 27.8 (Pau Esteban).

Lesser Flamingo* Phoenicopterus minor. Escape: a bird seen at Fuentedepiedra lagoon, Málaga, on 27.8 (Moisés Moreno) and wearing two metal rings, had been previously captured in the same area while wearing a captive-origin ring. The bird was ringed in 1988 with a 2nd regular ring and thus now brings two metal rings. It is an adult male and has been seen in a number of sites including Doñana (Héctor Garrido).

Marbled Teal Marmaronetta angustirostris.  Five birds were seen at Filipines marsh, Reserva Natural Remolar-Filipines, Llobregat Delta, Barcelona from 1-2.8. In the last years there have been records of dispersal individuals after the breeding season in this area which is the northernmost European location where the species is recorded annually.Two birds remained until 7.8 (Armand Ramal).See the thumbnail here.There were 11 individuals at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 12.8 (Paco Chiclana)

Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus . Rarity for the Canary Islands: a bird was at La Ensenada, Tenerife on 24.8 (Eduardo García del Rey)

Crested Coot Fulica cristata. The four breeding pairs at Moro Marsh, Sagunt, València, remained with chicks on 9.8 (Marcial Yuste)

Dotterel Charadrius morinellus. Scarce breeder and migrant. Late august flocks totalling 77-79 birds !. First reported birds were 8 birds (an adult plus juveniles) near the Puigmal summit at 2900 m high on 22.8 (Josep Mª Arcos, Jordi Prieto, Toni Hernández). Then 5 ind. (2 ads and 3 juvs) on 24.8 were seen at Crestes de Morrano, Cabdella, Lleida at 2700 meters high in an alpine plateau (Jordi Canut, J.Gil, A.Monsó, P.Gelabert, J.Perelada).  The following day, 25.9, 5-7 birds were at  Vistabella, PN El Hondo, Alicante (O.Aldeguer, L.Fidel). 3 birds at Cinc claus, l'Escala, Girona on 28.8 (Guy Delcroix). On 30.8 in the nearby Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, 8 birds were recorded at Prats de Can Comes in the morning and 17 (4 ads, rest juveniles) in the afternoon (Jordi Martí, Teresa Montràs, Mireia Jiménez). A staggering 31 birds count (!) was indeed a single group again in alpine plateau over 2500 m high, in suitable breeding habitat, at Bergús, Portarró d'Espot, Lleida (within Aigüestortes National Park) on 29.8 (J. Canut, J:Perelada, A.Monsó). The same day, two were at sea level at Punta de la Banya, Ebro Delta, Tarragona (Albert Burgas). Six birds were on 30.8 at the steppes between Castelló and Albesa, Lleida (Toni Nievas).

Terek Sandpiper* Xenus cinereus. One at Tarragona harbour on 26.8 (Albert Cama, Pere Josa Anguera).

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis. A bird was seen in a recently flooded field just S of El Hondo Natural Park, Alicante, on 3.8 (Elías Gomis, Luis Fidel Sarmiento).A moulting adult was seen at Filipines marsh, Llobregat delta from 4-9.8 (F.López, Ricard Gutiérrez).There were two birds at Garxal area, Ebre Delta, on 9.8 (Pere Josa Anguera, Albert Cama, David Bigas).A bird was near playa de Rodiles at Ría de Villaviciosa,Asturias, on 11.8 (Juan José Ramos Encalado). A moulting adult was at Filipines marsh, Llobregat delta on 28.8 (Ricard Gutiérrez).On 30.8, a bird was found at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park (J.Martí).

Broad-billed Sandpiper* Limicola falcinellus. A bird was seen at Buda Island, Ebro Delta on 8.8 (D.Bigas/PNDE, Pere Josa Anguera, Albert Cama).Another or the same, a juvenile, was seen also at Ebro Delta but on 19.8 at Tancada saltpans (Pau Esteban).

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus. Rare in the Mediterreanean seaboard: a juvenile was seen at Matà ricefields, Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park, Girona on 30.8 (Teresa Montràs, Jordi Martí, Mireia Jiménez)

Sooty Tern* Sterna fuscata. An adult was seen from Cabo Silleiro, Galicia, on 29.8 only 15 m from the coast. It was in company of two common terns and was seen in a morning of a strong bird passage after a S gale which produced: Puffinus mauretanicus 163, Sterna hirundo 1060, Sterna albifrons 1,Sterna paradisea 11, Sterna sanvicensis 312, Stercorarius parasiticus 6, Chlidonias niger 3, Larus sabini (ad breeding) 3 (César Vidal)

Spotted Sandiper* Actitis macularia. A juvenile was seen near Arenilla hide, Santoña marshes, Reserva Natural de las Marismas de Santoña y Noja, Cantabria, on 3.8 (Karmelo, Javier Cañada)

Long-tailed Skua* Stercorarius longicaudus A bird was in company of a Wilson's Storm Petrel* on 1.8 7 miles W off Cabo Silleiro, Baiona, Pontevedra, Galicia (José Cedeira)

White-rumped Swift Apus caffer. At Bolonia, Cádiz, there were 3 individuals on 13.8 (Andy Paterson & Andrés Paterson Fermosell).

Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with . Go back to top
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Latest highlights:
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Podylimbus podiceps at Galicia, 3rd for Spain
The Pied billed grebe at Galicia (photo: ©Grupo Sterna)a)
Marmaronetta angustirostris, Llobregat Delta 1-7.8.2001
One of the Marbled Teals at Llobregat Delta (photo: ©Ferran López)
Wilson's Storm Petrel
Wilson's Storm Petrel: one of the birds seen on 5.8 (photo: © Grupo STERNA)
Wilson's Storm Petrel
Another Wilson's Storm Petrel of those seen on 5.8 (photo: ©Grupo Sterna)

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