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Rare Birds in Spain

Recent Reports: Latest sightings
MARCH 2002 
* rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO
See also last month news for late updates or long-stayers

Red-throated Diver* Gavia stellata. Inland record. An adult winter bird was at laguna de Lor, Cascante, Navarra from 15-22.3 (José Ardaiz)

Pied-billed Grebe* Podilymbus podiceps. The record-long stayer bird at Logroño (formerly at La Grajera reservoir) was still there on 9.3, near Isla-Soto (Javier Robres).

Slavonian Grebe* Podiceps auritus. There were still 3 birds at Santoña, Cantabria on 16.3, seen from Convento de Moneano (M.A.García Matellanes, J.M.Pérez García, A.Sotelo, A.Rodrigo). Nine had been counted on 13.3 and all birds had left the area by 28.3 (Juan Gómez Navedo).

Great White Egret Egretta alba. On 2.3 there were 2 individuals at salinas de Monte Algaida, Cádiz (Paco Chiclana).One was near Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza on 10.3 (M.Asensio & J.Capalvo). Two were at Albufereta de Pollença, Mallorca on 9.3 (Maties Rebassa).One at Prat de Cabanes, Torreblanca, Castelló on 13.3 (Gregorio Ros).On 15.3 there were six birds at aiguabarreig Segre-Cinca rivers, Granja d'Escarp, Lleida (G.Chacón).Two were seen at Prat de Cabanes/Torreblanca, Castelló -where very rare- on 17.3 (Miguel Tirado, Vicente Esteller).A number of birds were present at Ebre Delta, Tarragona, and included 5 at El  Garxal, 4 at Canal Vell, 4 at El Clot and 4 at l'Encanyissada plus 1+ at Buda on 8-10.3 (Peter Howlett).Another was seen flying along the beach of Cuevas de Almanzora, Almería, on 13.3 (Georges Olioso). One bird was seen flying over el Hondo de Amorós, San Fulgencio, Alacant on 31.3 (Elías Gomis).There were 3 birds at S'Albufera de Mallorca on 26.3 (Jordi Clavell. Neus Gallardo).One bird (see a thumbnail in the April page) was present from 20-23.3 at Rincon del Pescador, Doñana, Huelva (Hugh Harrop & Michelle Spraggs).Interesting MIGRANT FLOCK record: four birds were seen flying north over the Cap de Creus lighthouse and Encalladora island then proceeding over the sea and towards France on 13:30 hours of 30.3 (Manel Caamaño).One of the few direct migrant observations available. 

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus. One bird (the same featured last month) was seen at Parayas airport, Santander bay, Cantabria, on 16.3 (Fernando Arce, A.Herrero, C.Sainz, F.Sangari, F.Javier de la Cruz) till 26.3 (F.Arce) at least. There were 19 at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 23.3 (Paco Chiclana)One bird was seen from 14-17.3 at rio Antas lagoon, Almería (Georges Olioso). The two birds seen from early march at PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona, were still there on 28.3 (Julien Gonin)

Yellow-billed Stork. ESCAPE. The bird lingering around Valencia was relocated at Turia river mouth on 28.3 (Fco.Javier García y Gans)

Bar-headed Goose* Anser indicus. On 1.3, a bird behaving wild was in company of a flock of Greylag geese Anser anser at Villafáfila, Zamora (Víctor J. Hernández y Benjamín Pérez). Another was reported all month long as present at Ría de Villaviciosa, Asturies (Juan A. Malo).

Brent Goose Branta bernicla. On 4.3 there were three individuals at Santander bay, Cantabria (Angel Herrero, Fernando Arce).Still there on 5.3 (F.Javier de la Cruz, F.Arce)

Egyptian Goose* Alopochen aegyptiacus. The four birds featured at the Depuradora, Mallorca on 27.2 were still there on 2.3 (Lalo Ventoso, Toño Lado)

Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea. A male was in company of the four Egyptian geese of dubious origin seen at the Depuradora, Mallorca on 2.3 (Lalo Ventoso, Toño Lado)

Green-Winged Teal* Anas carolinensis A drake and a bird showing intermediate characters with Common Teal Anas crecca were seen on 6-7.3 at Cortalet lagoon, Parc Natural Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona
(Jordi Martí and others:  Sergi Sales, B.Minobis, 'JJ', R.Gutiérrez, E.Guinart, O.Clarabuch, T.Montràs, F.López, M.Iranzo,R.Armada, X.Macià et al). A photopage is here and see the thumbnail of the 'pure' drake here. The bird reported last month at Navarra was also showing intermediate features crecca-carolinensis and is also covered in the id feature
Both birds were still there on 25.3 (Jordi Martí, Ferran Pujol, Francesc Pujol)On 28.3, only the drake carolinensis was relocated (Julien Gonin).And continued there on 29.3 (Manuel Caamaño).

Blue-winged Teal* Anas discors. A male was seen on 18.3 at Canal Vell lagoon, Ebre delta, Tarragona (David Bigas). Despite intense search, it was not relocated on 19.3 (F.López, R.Armada)

Scaup Aythya marila. A male was seen at Sariñena lagoon, Huesca on 5.3 in company of Pochards (Javier Capalvo).Still on 12.3 (J A Novales, JM Canudo)An adult male was at lagoa de Maxor, Portonovo, Sanxenxo, Pontevedra, Galicia on 3.3 (Xurxo Pinheiro). The overwintering female seen this winter was still present at Santoña, Cantabria, on 28.3 (Juan Gómez Navedo).

Ring-necked Duck* Aythya collaris. On 19.03 the three overwintering females reported at La Granda and  La Furta reservoirs (central coast of  Asturies) since 2001 were seen again (Elias García Sánchez)

Hybrid Pochard x Ferruginous duck Aythya ferina x nyroca. A male was seen at Racó de l'Olla, València, on 14.3 (Nacho & Bosco Dies). See an excellent photo-page in their web here (opens in another window)

Eider Somateria mollissima. A bird was seen from La Arenilla hide on 16.3 at Santoña, Cantabria (M.A.García Matellanes, J.M.Pérez García, A.Sotelo, A.Rodrigo). Still present on 28.3 (Juan Gómez Navedo).

Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis. On 3.3 eight were seen flying north off Corrubedo cape, A Coruña (Rafael & Tito Salvadores)

White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala. Large flock: There were 160 birds at  laguna Dulce, Málaga on 17.3 (Miguel Heredia Gonzálbez, Loles Pastor Guzmán y Gregorio Ros Montolío)

Pallid Harrier* Circus macrourus. A male was seen at vall Trencada - can Palou, Roses, PN Cap de Creus, Girona, on 27.3 (Dave McAdams). Another male was reported to had been seen at Pantano de Jándula, Jaén, on 30.3. If confirmed it would be the southernmost record in mainland Spain (Ignacio García Abásolo).

Crested Coot Fulica cristata. A PVC-collared (black, '6W' letters) bird was at Marisma del Rocío, Doñana NP, Huelva, on 19.3. (Ray Tipper). There were 2 with white PVC collar at laguna Dulce, Málaga on 17.3 (Miguel Heredia Gonzálbez, Loles Pastor Guzmán y Gregorio Ros Montolío). One bird (see photo in April page) was present at Zorrobarba, Huelva from 20-22-3 (Hugh Harrop).

Sociable Plover* Vanellus gregarius. A first summer bird was seen and photographed at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park, Girona, on 25.3 (Ferran Pujol, Francesc Pujol; Jordi Martí et al/PNAE; E.Laguna, J.Castelló, X.Macià, M.Iranzo, F.López). See thumbnail here and photopage here as well.

Glaucous Gull* Larus hyperboreus. There was a 3rd calendar year at playa de Galizano, Cantabria on 15.3 (Juan Gómez Navedo). Not relocated on 17.3 (Fernando Arce)

Iceland Gull* Larus glaucoides. A 2nd winter was at A Coruña harbour, Galicia, on 7.3 (Antonio Sandoval)

Ring-billed Gull* Larus delawarensis. On 11.3 there were one adult and one 1st winter at Parque Isabel La Católica, Xixón, Asturies (Delfín González). Overwiew of Asturies situation (provided by Elias Garcia Sánchez/ COA): At Xixón and during february-march a number of birds arrived totalling six gulls (an adult, two 2nd winters and 3 firsts). All these in the Isabel la Católica park. Besides, a 2nd winter bird is present at El Musel harbour having arrived there last december. From 20-22.3 there is a new bird, a first summer in that area (Coordinadora Ornitolóxica d'Asturies).

Richard's Pipit* Anthus richardi. A bird was seen at the path that leads to Canal Vell biological station, Ebre Delta Natural Park, Tarragona, on 5.3 (David Bigas).One was seen at Magarola lagoon, Llobregat delta on 8.3 (Xavier Larruy). Overwiew of Asturies situation (provided by Elias Garcia Sánchez/ COA): the overwintering birds at Cabu Peñes, present since 2001 were still there in late march. Up to 14 indoviduals were counted in february (M. Enrique Carballal). And on 20.03 at least there remained six birds (Elias García).

Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola. A bird was trapped at Cañada de las Norias, Almeria, on 2.3 (Manuel Martín-Vivaldi, Eduardo López, José Miguel Marín, Carlos Miralles, Tamara Moya y María del Mar López)

Rosy Starling* Sturnus roseus. A bird at Medal, Cuaña ­West coast of Asturies­ from 11.03 (Xurde Gayol et al). 3rd record for Asturies (previous in  1994 & 1999)

Snow Finch Montifringilla nivalis. Wintering flock: 110 birds were at Port de la Bonaigua, Lleida (in the Pyrenees) on 5.3 (Pepe Guillén)

Lapland Bunting* Calcarius lapponicus. A bird was seen at Viyadún, Castripol ­West coast of Asturiesl­ on 12.03 (Manuel A. Fernández Pajuelo). The 5th for Asturies (previous in 1980, 1984, 1993 and 1999).

Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Any submitted news to this page will be forwarded to the Spanish RC if enough substantiated. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with . Go back to top
Citas recientes incluye las últimas novedades del conjunto del país que tanto son observaciones personales, comunicaciones al autor o noticias difundidas en listas de correo. Cualquier cita que se envie a esta página sera reenviada al CR/SEO.Los nombres de las localidades se incluyen como son enviadas por los colaboradores, que deben ser citados como autores de las citas. Las noticias más recientes se marcan con. Ir al inicio de la página
Cites recents inclou les darreres novetats del conjunt de l'estat que són observacions pròpies, comunicacions o noticies difoses a llistes de correu. Qualsevol cita que sigui enviada a aquesta plana serà rebotada també al CR/SEO. Els noms de les localitats són posats tal i com són enviats pels autors, que han de ser referenciats com a autors de les cites. Les notícies més recents són les marcades amb . Tornar a l'inici de la plana.

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Latest highlights:
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The drake Green-Winged Teal at Cortalet lagoon, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, on 6-7.3. There was an additional intermediate bird (Photo © Ricard Gutiérrez)
See the special photo page page
The 1st summer Sociable Plover Vanellus gregarius at PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà on 25.3 (Photo © Ferran López)
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