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Rare Birds in Spain

Recent Reports: Latest sightings
MAY 2002 
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Storm-Petrel Hydrobates pelagicus. Large concentration in the Mediterranean. Over 150 birds in less than 200 m wide area were seen 2 miles off Aiguablava, Begur, Girona on 18.5 (Joan Hontangas). 

Great White Egret Egretta alba. A bird in breeding plumage, with black bill and ornamental feathers, was seen on 1.5 at Filpines marsh, Llobregat delta (Ferran López, Albert Roca, Joan Castelló).Another bird in breeding plumage was at Buda Island, Ebre Delta, Tarragona on 4.5 (Ricard Gutiérrez, Jim Healey).One was in breeding plumage as well at El Cortalet lagoon, PN Aiguamolls, on 4.5 (J.Martí). The same day another was reported from El Matà area (Marc Peris) One was at Brazo del Este, Sevilla on 8.5 (Paco Chiclana)

Hybrid Little x Western Reef Egrets* Egretta garzetta x gularis. A bird remained at desembocadura del Guadalhorce, Málaga at least until 12.5 (Andy Paterson).

Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea. One was at Estuario del Miño, A Guarda, Pontevedra, on 2.5 (César Vidal).There were 2 on 5.5 and 3 at EDDAR de Muro, Mallorca, Illes Balears on 6.5 (Arthur Stagg, Maties Rebassa).A bird was at Jarama river near Campillo lagoon, Madrid, on 18.5 (Julio Miranda)

Hybrid Ruddy Shelduck x Egyptian Goose* Tadorna ferruginea x Alopochen aegyptiacus. A bird presumably of this parentage (again recalling escape origin, ed. comment) was reported from Muro depurating plant, Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Maties Rebassa, Bernat Ramis).

Scaup Aythya marila. Unseasonal record. A male was seen at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca on 19.5 (Miguel Blanco, M.Rouco, P.Cosme et al).There is a webpage with two photos of this bird here (opens in a new window)

Ferruginous duck Aythya nyroca. A male was seen at Albufera de Valencia already in March when it was also seen a hybrid whose father seems to be this drake shown in this thumbnail area. The drake was seen again in may mating to a female pochard. Click here or in the thumbnail to see the mating photo from the Dies Brothers website on the birds of L'Albufera (J.I. Díes). There is an additional pure pair at Marjal del Moro, Sagunt, València also this month (Marcial Yuste).Two birds were at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca on 14.5 (Miguel Rouco).There is a webpage with two photos of these birds here (opens in a new window) 

Rough-legged Buzzard* Buteo lagopus. A bird was reported to have been seen between Tobalinilla and Cubilla, Burgos, on 26.4 (Santiago Vallejo)

Black-shouldered Kite Elanus caeruleus. Extralimital record. An adult was seen at Els Fangassos, El Matà ponds, PN Aiguamolls, Girona, on 15.5 (J.Martí, T.Montràs).

Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus. An adult male was seen flying over Albufera de Valencia on 8.5 amongst over 350 other migrant raptors (J.L.Terrassa Nebot)A female was seen at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà NP on 9.5 (Bas van de Meulengraaf, Raoul Beunen, Reinoud Vermoolen). A male was taken injured to the Torreferrussa recovery center, Barcelona, on 14.5 but died for unknown causes on 15.5 (DMA). A male was seen flying over Remolar-Filipines Reserve, Llobregat delta on 15.5 (Anthony McGeehan, John Scovell, David Steele). The same day, another male was seen inland, at Alguaire, Lleida (Arnau Bonan, Sergi Ricart). A fourth bird, the same day, in this case a 2nd y male, was seen at El Tremolar ricefields, Valencia (JI Dies).On 17.5 Three birds (two females and a male) were seen perched on a wire at km 4,8 of CV-785 road, between Alcoi and Benifallim, Alacant (Pep Cantó).A bird was seen on 19.5 at Tossal Roig de Bellvís, Lleida (Francesc Moncasí). A male was seen a km off Aldea de los Pedrones, Requena, Valencia on 22.5 (Toni López).More catalan records: on 24.5 there were 3 birds at Alfés, Lleida (adult male, subadult male and female; Gerard Bota). Also on 24.5 a female was near Claravalls, Lleida (Montse Raurell, Anni Ponjoan). In Mallorca, there has been a pair at the Mallorca airport from 20-26.5 (Jaume Adrover)From 19-30.5 the largest flock recorded this month was reported from Baix Empordà county in Catalonia: first six birds on 19 (Carles Salvà) then 12 and up to 18 altogether the following week (C.Salvà) and still nine on 30.5 (X.Gàmez, Q.Camps, C.Barriocanal) all at Sant Iscle, Serra de Daró, Girona.On 24.5, there was a bird at Bellmunt, Lleida (Arnauy Bonan). On 16.5 there were two immature males at Millars river mouth SPA (ZEPA), Castelló de la Plana (Miguel Moya, Gregorio Ros). On 23.5, an immature male was seen at Prat de Cabanes- Torreblanca Natural Park, Castelló de la Plana. On 25.5, five were reported somewhere in S Huesca province (Juan Carlos Albero)A total of 23 birds was in a single flock at Serra de Daró, Girona (Daniel Burgas).A bit north, at Parc Natural Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, there were nine altogether at Tres Ponts area (J.Martí)

Eleonora's Falcon Falco eleonorae. Inland record. Three birds (one dark phase and 2 pale phase) were recorded on 27.5 at Bellmunt, Lleida (Gerard Bota). Another dark phase bird was seen also on 27.5 near La Figuerosa, Lleida (Arnau Bonan)

Crested Coot Fulica cristata. There was a pair of them with 3 chicks at Laguna de Medina, Cádiz on 18.5 and another pair with 4 chicks (none tagged) at JA Valverde center, Doñana on 19.5 (Morten M.Hansen, A.R. Ebbesen and C.B.Nielsen)

Baillon's Crake Porzana pusilla. An adult bird was seen at 2 m distance and then flew to c.8 m in a very suitable probable breeding area within Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 23.5 (R.Gutiérrez,F.X.Santaeufemia) 

Lesser/Greater Sand Plover* Charadrius mongolus/leschenaultii. Late news. An adult plover with orange breast and other characters fitting either one of these two species was seen on 26.4 at Tarifa beach by visiting birder John Jennings. After the finding of a Lesser Sand Plover in the UK, the author realised the importance of the Spanish record. 

Dotterel Charadrius morinellus. One was seen flying over La Serena plains, Extremadura,  on 30.4 evening (Mikael Arinder)

American Golden Plover* Pluvialis dominica. A first summer bird was seen at El Matà area, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, on 11.5 (David Steele, John Scovell). The bird was not relocated on 12.5 (Jordi Martí)

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis. There were 3-4 birds at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 1.4 (F.López) and at least one on 2.5 (R.Gutiérrez , A.Ramal, F.López).Seen all days 3-5.5. (2-4 birds, ed.comment) and still one on 6.5 (Lee Evans). There were 2 individuals at Entremuros de Guardiamar, Sevilla, on 3.5 (Paco Chiclana).There was one at laguna larga de Villacañas, Toledo, on 1.5 (Juan Carlos Marín)

Buff-breasted Sandpiper* Tryngites subruficollis. A bird was seen at Amarilla Golf, Tenerife, on 6,7,12,13 and 16.5 (Kathleen and Ian Johnson). See a thumbnail in the June page.

Spotted Sandpiper* Actitis macularia. One was at Riu Vell mouth, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, on 10.5 (Guy Delcroix). Not found afterwards (J.Martí).

Great Snipe* Gallinago media. A bird was seen at Roncaires pond, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, on 6.5 (O.Clarabuch)One bird was seen and photographed at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 22.5 (F.López; R.Gutiérrez,F.X.Santaeufemia, A.Ramal, J.Castelló; K.Butterworth, P.Canyon; R.Armada). The bird had presumably left on 23.5 (F.X.Santaeufemia, R.Gutiérrez)

Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii. Seven (!) birds altogether at Matà area, PN Aiguamolls, on 2.5 (J.Martí).There were 5 birds at Entremuros de Guardiamar, Sevilla, on 3.5 (Paco Chiclana). There were two at PN Aiguamolls on 4.5 (J.Martí).There were 3 ind. at La Nava lagoon, Palencia from 3-5.5 (F.Jubete, C.Gutiérrez-Expósito, M.Vélez, F.Arce). One was at Cal Roc, Llobregat delta on 10.5 (S.Sales) and 11.5 (X.Larruy,FX Santaeufemia, AMcGeehan, F.López, R.Gutiérrez).There were 2 birds at Azud de Riolobos on 6.5 (Miguel Rouco) There is a webpage with two photos of this bird here (opens in a new window)

Pectoral Sandpiper* Calidris melanotos. A bird was at Basses de l'EDDAR de Muro, Mallorca, Illes Balears, on 5.5 (Maties Rebassa).5th for the Balearic Islands.

Audouin's Gull Larus audouinii. Extralimital records: A 3rd summer bird was found at Somo, Santander Bay, Atlantic Coast from 5.5 (Carlos Sáinz) to 7.5 (Fernando Arce). The 1st for Cantabria and only one of the few for Atlantic Spain.

Lesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis. Two birds were seen amongst Sandwich S.sandvicensis at playa de Castilla (between Torre Carbonero and Torre Zalabar), PN Doñana, Huelva (J.Garzón et al) about 16.5 One was at Tarifa beach on 7.5 morning and SEVEN (!!) were at Tarifa beach too (river mouth) with Sandwich Terns S.sandvicensis on 7.5 afternoon (Mikael Arinder). Perhaps one (if not the largest) largest groups ever recorded in  Spain (ed.comment).Another at Tarifa harbour was seen again on 10.5 (Gerry Hinchon).More at Tarifa: Danish birders Poul Ulrik and Jens Søgaard Hansen) saw 3-5 birds on 16.5 at Tarifa beach. One or two were also migrating past Cape Trafalgar earlier the same day.Other reports talk of 10 birds there. See pictures in a Danish website here (opens in another window)The same 16.5 birds were seen again on 17.5 by Morten M.Hansen, A.R. Ebbesen and C.B.Nielsen at Tarifa beach too. There was an adult at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat Delta, Barcelona the morning of 25.5(M.Moreno, F.López, X.Escobar). See thumbnails here

White-winged Black Tern* Chlidonias leucopterus. There was one bird at Llobregat Delta on 5.5 (M.Caamaño et al). There were 2 adults on 6.5 afternoon as well (A.McGeehan, R.Gutiérrez et al)One adult more on 7.5 at Bunyola canal, Llobregat Delta (A.McGeehan,X.Larruy, R.Gutiérrez et al) and 6 later at Filipines marsh (A.McGeehan et al). But only 2 ads on 8.5 (F.López, J.Healey et al) and two also on 9.5 (R.Gutiérrez et al) There were 7 at Cortalet lagoon, PN Aiguamolls, on 6.4 (O.Clarabuch; B.Minobis, 'Jota' Sanz, I.Batet). One was seen at Goles del Millar SPA, Castelló de la Plana on 9.5 (M.A.Moya, Gregorio Ros)There was a summer-plumaged bird foraging at Monte Algaida Saltpans, N of Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cádiz, on 6.5 (Ken Hall).On 12.5 there was a bird at Ulla river reedbeds area, Pontevedra-A Coruña. This well could be only the 5th or 6th record for Galicia (Xurxo Pinheiro).

White-rumped Swift Apus caffer. A bird was seen on 17.5 at the first obvious cliff next to the road 10 km NW of Ronda, Málaga together with 10-15 Apus apus and 2 Apus melba. This site had proved succesful for two Swedish groups in the late 90s before this year observers but the bird was not seen either in 16.5 and 21.5 (Morten M.Hansen and C.B.Nielsen). Two birds were seen on 25.5 at Sierra de la Plata, Cádiz (Paco Chiclana).

Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus. There were two birds at la Nava, Palencia, at corralillos del antiguo basurero hide, on 2.5 (Enrique Gómez Crespo).One was at cal Tet, Llobregat delta on 3.5 (X.Larruy). One more as at Cal Roc and 4 at cal Tet on 6.5 (X.Larruy).There was one at closa del Puig on 6.4 (J.Martí) and 2 at Roncaires pond, also on 6.4 (O.Clarabuch) all at PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà.One was at Canal Vell biological station, PN Delta de l'Ebre, on 2.5 (S.Sales, L.Estrada). Another was at Tancada 'erms' on 6.5 (S.Sales).At La Nava, Palencia, one bird was seen on 10.5 (Enrique Gómez Crespo). One was at Airport road, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 11.5 (X.Larruy,FX Santaeufemia, AMcGeehan, F.López, R.Gutiérrez).On 12.5 another was seen at Cardedeu, Barcelona (Marcos Lacasa).There was one bird at La Nava, Palencia, on 14.5 (Enrique Gómez Crespo). See a thumbnail of La Nava birds here

Black-headed Yellow Wagtail* Motacilla flava feldegg. A bird was claimed on 6.5 from Llobregat delta, Barcelona (Lee Evans). A similar bird had been recorded on 3.5 nearby (L.Gustamante)

Siberian Stonechat* Saxicola torquata maura. A male was reported from rio Huenes valley, Sierra Nevada, Granada on 3.5 (Jorge Garzón)

Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola. Late record. A bird was seen at Doñana in a stream NE of El Rocío towards Villamanrique on 20.5 (Morten M.Hansen)

Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina. A bird was trapped and ringed at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat delta, on 5.5 (J.Castelló, JL Copete; F.López, A.Ramal et al). See special photopage here. And thumnail here.UNPRECEDENTED ARRIVAL: following severe E gale affecting NE Spain, on 8.5, FOUR different birds were trapped and ringed at Llobregat delta NR (J.Castelló, F.López, A.Ramal, J.Healey, F.X.Santaeufemia, R.Gutiérrez, M.A.Barba, M.Iranzo). The same day, three were ringed at Ebre delta Canal Vell biological Station (Sergi Sales, David Bigas) On 9.5 two more were ringed at Canal Vell, Delta de l'Ebre (S.Sales, D.Bigas, M.Pérez) and three more at Filipines marsh, Llobregat Delta (J.Castelló). On 10.5 one of the Llobregat delta birds was retrapped (J.Castelló). On 11.5 one unringed bird was seen at Filipines marsh (FX Santaeufemia, R.Gutiérrez, A.McGeehan, X.Larruy, F.López), another was retrapped (J.Castelló) and a third unringed bird was seen near Rat-Penat urban area, Garraf Natural Park (A.McGeehan).

Collared Flycatcher* Ficedula albicollis. An adult female was ringed on 1.5 and retrapped on 2.5 at Canal Vell Biological Station, Ebre Delta, Tarragona (S.Sales, J.Antó, N.Rodriguez).The bird died on 4.5. It was in very poor fat and muscle condition (S.Sales, N.Rodríguez; R.Gutiérrez. J.Healey). See thumbnails here

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Latest highlights:

 Icterine Warbler trapped and ringed at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat Delta on 5.5. Click on the photo to visit its special photopage. Photo © Ferran López. FOUR more birds were ringed there on 8.5
One of the Red-throated pipits  Anthus cervinus seen and ringed at La Nava, Palencia during may 2002. Up to six birds were recorded there Photo © Carlos Gutiérrez Expósito
The Collarded Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis that was trapped at Ebre Delta early this month. Despite the efforts that were done, the bird dead two days after its initial trapping (photos) Photo © J.Antó.
Lesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis at Tarifa beach. See the photos in larger size in a Danish website clicking on them. Photos © Jens Søgaard Hansen
An adult Lesser Crested Tern remained for 2 hours at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 25.5. In the lower photo is in company of a Little Gull Larus minutus. Photo © Ferran López. 
This male Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca was seen mating a female Pochard (click on the photo to see this new picture in a new window) at Albufera de Valencia about 22.5. Photo © J.Ignacio Díes. 

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