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Rare Birds in Spain

Recent Reports: Latest sightings
SEPTEMBER 2002 (Provisional) 
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Pied-Billed Grebe* Podylimbus podiceps. Extremely long stayer. The bird that had been present at La Grajera reservoir, La Rioja, since year 2000 and seen intermitently during year 2001 which leaved the reservoir due to freezing conditions in late 2001 and moved to the Ebro river near Logroño has returned and been relocated at the Grajera reservoir where was initially found and is again there since june 2002 and until 23.9 at least (Ignacio Gámez Carmona).

Little Shearwater* Puffinus assimilis. There were four 60 miles off the coast of Bilbao on 9.9 seen from Pride of Bilbao ferry (Gorka Ocio et al)

Great White Egret Egretta alba. One was seen flying over Barcelona on 1.9 (Jordi Clavell). The same day, 1.9 there were two at Llobregat delta, Barcelona (J.Castelló, Xavier Sampere).A bird at Baiona, Pontevedra, was ringed with colour-pvc codes in its left leg (downwards, dark green/red/white) (César Vidal). On 1.9 there were 3 at Ejea de los Caballeros ricefields, Zaragoza(Mapi Asensio, J Capalvo). On 8.9 there was a bird at Silla rice-fields, Albufera de València (Bosco Díes).There was one at salinas de los Portugueses, Cádiz, on 11.9 (Paco Chiclana).Another was at embalse de Arrocampo, Cáceres on 12.9 (Javier Briz). One was at Marjal dels Moros, Sagunt, València, on 13.9 (Marcial Yuste). Two were present at Albufereta de Pollença, and another was at Salobrar de Campos, Mallorca on 14.9 (Lalo Ventoso, Maties Rebassa; M Jiménez, JM Tapia).There was one at tancat de la Ratlla, PN Albufera de València, on 12.9 (F.J. Garcia y Gans). There was one at Salobrar de Campos, Mallorca, on 15.9 (M Suárez, M Rebassa). There was one at Ebro river near Galacho de la Alfranca reserve, Zaragoza (Mapi Asensio, J Capalvo). There were 3 on 15.9 at Filipines marsh, Llobregat delta, Barcelona (J.Castelló). The bird at Marjal dels Moros, Sagunt, València was still there on 18.9 (Marcial Yuste). There were five at Buda island, Ebre delta, Tarragona on 16.9 (Ricard Gutiérrez).Another was at ria de la Rabia and Arroyo del Capitán, Oyambre NP, Cantabria on 17.9 (Isidoro Fombella). One was at Caño de Guadiamar, Sevilla, on 18.9 (Paco Chiclana). There was one at Plaiaundi, Txingudi, Gipuzkoa on 16.9 (Mikel Etxaniz, per Gorka Gorospe). There were 2 at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló, on 19.9 (Víctor J Hernández).Another was at Remolar-Filipines Reserve, Llobregat delta, on 22.9 (Armand Ramal). 3 at Maristany, Mallorca, on 20-24.9 (Sebastià Torrens). Another was at Almaraz, Zamora, on 23.9 (Isabel Martín & J Alfredo Hernández).On 21.9 there was one at Estany del Tec, PN Aiguamolls Empordà, Girona (D.Saavedra, JC Gimisó, P.Feliu, A.Comas). There were 3 at Brazo del Este, Sevilla,on 26.9 (Paco Chiclana).There were 2 near Arrocampo, Extremadura, on 28.9 (Javier Briz).There were four at Saladar de Agua Amarga, Alacant on 27.9 (Antonio Bañuls). Two were at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 27.9 (A. Ramal, V.Lomeña). Two at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 30.9 (Dani L Huertas). And 6 at Remolar-Filipines Reserve, Llobregat delta, on 29.9 (Pedro Bescós).

Hybrid Western Reef x Little Egrets* Egretta gularis x garzetta. A bird of the so-called 'Les Olles' form was seen at Rio Grande, Málaga, on 25.9 (Juan Luis Muñoz Roldán)

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus. There were 64 birds around Canal Vell area, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona, on 1.9 (S.Sales, J.A. Calero).There were two at tancat de la Ratlla, PN Albufera de València, on 12.9 (F.J. Garcia y Gans)There was an adult at Marjal d'Almenara, Castelló on 16.9 and a juvenile at the same place on 15.9 (Victor J Hernández). On 16.9 there were two at Buda Island, Ebre delta, Tarragona (Ricard Gutiérrez).There were 36 at Doñana, Huelva, on 7.9 (Paco Chiclana).There were 2 at maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 22-24.9 (Pedro Bescós; Joan Gil; Armand Ramal, N Urios, S Ricart). Also on 25.9 (F.X.Santaeufemia, R.Gutiérrez)to 27.9 at least (A.Ramal, V.Lomeña), see thumbnail here. There were 150 at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 26.9 (Paco Chiclana). There was a lone bird at 'Charcón del encinar' near Albacete on 26.9, 2nd record for the province, previous in 1994 (Angel J Lara Pomares).

Yellow-billed Stork Mycteria ibis. E SPECIES (escape). The bird arrived at Marjal del Moro, Sagunt, València in late august was still there on 1.9 (Ignacio Nebot). Lost but relocated on 15.9 at the same place (Franklin Meen). Still there on 24.9 (Marcial Yuste).Another bird, also escaped, was at Costa Calma, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, on 1-3.9 in company of two Sacred Ibises Threskiornis aethiopicus of the local feral breeding population (Maurizio Sighele, Andrea Nicoli).

Marabou* Leptoptilos crumeniferus. A bird was seen flying over bridge of N 340 over Palmones river, Algeciras, Cádiz flying towards the marshes of this river, just in the Straits of Gibraltar area, a migrant? (Paco Montoya).One had been seen on 21.8 flying over Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, while flying to the South (Javier sp.)

Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus [ruber] roseus. Extralimital record. There was a juvenile at Villafáfila, Zamora, on 28.9. It is the 2nd record of the last years there (M.A. García Matellanes, L. Antón, A. Rodrigo). It had been already seen on 22.9 at the same place (Joan Gil, Isabel Fabregat).

Ruddy Shelduck x Egyptian Goose hybrid Tadorna ferruginea x Alopochen aegyptiacus* The 2 juvenile individuals at Ebre delta, Tarragona from 23.7 were relocated now in the Punta del Fangar, N Delta, on 3.9 (Sergi Sales, J.A. Calero).They were seen again at S Delta on 5.9 (flying along barra del Trabucador) and 6.9 (same place) (Alex Ollé & Marc Llobet).MALLORCA BIRDS: there appear to be on 7-8.9 a party of 4 pure RUDDY SHELDUCKS near Mallorca airport but with them there are a putative hybrid and another (yet)unidentified individual either another hybrid or a feral species (Lalo Ventoso).Birds moved to Salobrar de Campos where present at least on 15.9 (M Rebassa, M Suárez). At Albufera de Mallorca, there were a party of Egyptian Geese on 24.9 (more points towards escape origin of all these species there??, ed. comment) (Sebastià Torrens)

Ruddy Shelduck* Tadorna ferruginea. Confirmed Escapes (E list): Two birds behaving totally wild and shy were seen at Salina Grande of the Villafáfila reserve, Zamora on 13.9.These birds could be the same that have been reported in the area intermitently in the last two years. Both were carrying a metallic ring (not of those used for ringing) in their left tarsus and they do not come from the near information center where a feral bird collection is present (F.García Roncero, L.Antón Prieto, A. Rodrigo).There was a male at Tec area, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona on 10.9 (Alex Ollé & Pere Serrano).There was a bird on 7-8.9 at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca (Victor J Hernández, Benjamín Pérez). On 29.9 there were two at Graveras del Porcal, Rivas-VaciaMadrid, Madrid, apparently a pair (Delfín González, Miguel Juan Martínez).

American Black Duck* Anas rubripes. A (returning?) bird was seen on 24-25.9 at ria de Foz, Lugo, Galicia (LJ Salaverri Leiras et al).

Blue-winged Teal* Anas discors. A male in eclipse plumage is present at ria de Ribesella, E Asturies coast, at least from june 2002 to 10.9.2001 (G Silva González et al)

White-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala. Extralimital record A female was recorded on 19.9 at Mata del Fang, Albufera de València (JI Dies & Bosco Dies).There is a photo on the Dies website (opens in another browser window) 

Smew* Mergellus albellus. The bird featured in august news at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca, was still there between 7-8.9 (Victor J Hernández, Benjamín Pérez)

Black Vulture Aegypius monachus. Extralimital record. A juvenile was seen at Sierra de la Culebra, Villardeciervos, Zamora, on 11.9 (Victor J Hernández).

Long-legged Buzzard* Buteo rufinus. One adult was seen from Algarrobo point, Tarifa, Cádiz, on 9.9 and until 14.9 at least (Tom Conzemius).

Pallid Harrier* Circus macrourus. A male was seen in migration through Turó de la Magarola, Collserola, Barcelona town, on 15.9 (Xavier Larruy, Ramon Sanz, Freed Verdonckt, Carlos Oliver). There are scant claims of this species in autumn. A 1st sumer was reported from Desierto de las Palmas NP, Cabanes, Castelló on 29.9 (Vicente Esteller y Olmo Cidoncha).

Eleonora's Falcon Falco eleonorae. Inland record from Pyrenees: A pale phase adult was seen on passage at Coll de Pal, Serra Cavallera, Ripollés county, Catalonia on 11.9 (Anna Folch, Ferran González)

Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus. There were 3 birds migrating through Albufera de València on 13.9 (M Polo, P.A. del Baño).Another 2nd year female was seen at Marjals de Silla, València, on 13.9 (JI Dies).A male was seen at maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 22.9 (Armand Ramal, Miguel Marín, Nestor Urios).The same day another male was seen further S at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló (Víctor J Hernández).

Corncrake Crex crex. A bird was flushed and seen at close distance during a walk around Baix Ter wetlands, L'Estartit, Girona, on 18.9 (Albert Burgas, Daniel Burgas).

Spotted Crake Porzana porzana. Extralimital record. A bird was seen at Estuario del Miño, A Guarda, Pontevedra, Galicia, on 8.9, where very rare (Rafael & Tito Salvadores, José M.Mariño, Luis E. Senrra, C.Vidal).

Crested Coot Fulica cristata. There were 2 birds, currently the northernmost European Crested Coots, at Garxal area, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona on 1.9 (S.Sales, J.A. Calero).There were two at Brazo del Este, Sevilla, on 1.9 (Paco Chiclana)A PVC collared bird was seen on 16.9 at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló, where it has bred for the first time in 2002 with an unmarked adult and three chicks in june-july (Victor J Hernández). This is the European northernmost known breeding location (editorial comment).There was one at El Taraje lagoon, Sevilla, on 14.9 (Paco Chiclana).The two at Almenara were still there on 20-22.9 (V.J. Hernández).Another PVC banded bird was seen on 30.9 (V.J. Hernández).

Dotterel Charadrius morinellus. Eivissa (Ibiza) sightings, Balearics: in 8-9.9 there were respectively 7 and 3 birds, mostly juveniles at Ibiza airport runways (Oliver Martínez, Jorge Hernández).On 14.9 a juvenile was seen at playa de los Lances, Tarifa, Cádiz (A Serrano, P Rios, G González, A moreno et al). A bird was at Llobregat delta on 26.9 (Xavier Larruy). One juvenile was seen at Tancada area, Ebre delta, Tarragona on 23.9 (Sergi Sales, N Rodríguez, L Estrada, J Ardaiz). See a thumbnail here.This (or another) juvenile had been seen in the same area on 15.9 (Martí Rodríguez, R Pou, J Romero, D Vilassís, C Martorell).

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis. There were 7 birds at Garxal area, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona on 1.9 (S.Sales, J.A. Calero). There were two at el Fangar, Ebre delta, on 5.9 (Alex Ollé, Marc Llobet).A bird in winter plumage was seen at Albufera de Valencia on 8.9 and it is probably the same bird reported on 7.8 (J.I.Dies).A bird almost in winter plumage was seen at arenilla hide, Santoña marshes, Cantabria, on 14.9 (Raúl Bastida).One was seen at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló, on 27.9 (Víctor J Hernández).

Lesser Yellowlegs* Tringa flavipes. A juvenile was observed repeteadly bewteen 24-30.9 at Ensenada da Ínsua, Galicia  (JL Rabuñal Patiño,J Martí, M JIménez, A Sandoval, P Gutiérrez, CD Romail Cousido).

Spotted Sandpiper* Actitis macularia. A juvenile was seen at desembocadura del Belcaire, Moncofa, Castelló, on 25.9 (Victor J Hernández)

Baird's Sandpiper* Calidris bairdii. A juvenile was seen on 28.9 at Ensenada da Ínsua, Galicia  (JL Rabuñal Patiño).

Pectoral Sandpiper* Calidris melanotos. The juvenile found on 30.8 at Maresma de les Filiipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, was still there on 1.9 (J.Castelló, Xavier Sampere).Still on 5.9 (Ricard Gutiérrez et al)Last seen on 10.9 (R.Gutiérrez, FX Santaeufemia).See a thumbnail here.Videopage on this bird here. At Albufera de València, one juvenile was located at tancat de la Ratlla, Silla, on 12.9 (Bosco Dies) that remained in the area on 13.9 (JI Dies, T.Alcocer,F.Lloris, G & P Ruiz, PA Del Baño, M Polo) . See a thumbnail here.This bird was still present on 18.9 (JI & B Dies)There was a bird at playa de Bañuges, cabo Peñes, Gozón, Asturies, on 17.9 (C.A. Usátegui).An adult was at Roquito del Fraile, Tenerife on 20-22.9 (Tony Clarke). On 14.9 a juvenile was reported from Embalse de los Canchales, Mérida, Extremadura (Francisco Prieto Godoy).A new juvenile was found at Maresma de les Filiipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 23.9 (Joan Castelló, X Macià, V Lomeña, A Ramal, FX Santaeufemia).This is another different individual from that of 30.8-10.9. A juvenile was ringed and released on 20.9 at Enseada de Dena, Meaño / Meanho (Galicia / Galiza). It was not relocated afterwards  (several members of 'Grupo de Anelamento Anduriña').One juvenile was observed between 25-27.9 at Ensenada da Ínsua, Galicia  (JL Rabuñal Patiño, Jordi Martí, Mireia Jiménez).

Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii. One bird was seen near the Pectoral Sandpiper at Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 1.9 (Joan Castelló, Xavier Sampere)Still on 5.9 (Joan Bécares).About 3 birds were seen in Albufera de Valencia until 4.9 (J.I.Dies, B.Dies). There was one near Encanyissada, Ebre delta, on 6.9 (Alex Ollé, Marc Llobet).Three adult birds were regularly seen between late august and 10.9 at Albufera de Valencia (J.I.Dies).There were four at tancat de la Ratlla, PN Albufera de València, on 13.9 (Bosco Dies). A juvenile was seen the following day at the same place (P.A. del Baño, M. Polo).There was an adult at Belcaire river mouth, Moncofa, Castelló on 15.9 (Victor J Hernández).Two were at Caño de Guadiamar, Sevilla, on 18.9 (Paco Chiclana).There was one between 15-23.9 near l'Encanyissada lagoon, Ebre delta, Tarragona (S.Sales, N.Rodriguez, L.Estrada). A juvenile moulting into 1st winter was ringed and released on 19.9 at Enseada de Dena, Meaño / Meanho (Galicia / Galiza). It was relocated on 23.9 among hundreds of Dunlins and some Little Stints at the same place (E. Martínez Sabarís, C. D. Romai Cousido, F. Egon Palz / Grupo de Anelamento Anduriña').

Upland's Sandpiper* Bartramia longicauda. THIRD FOR SPAIN. A bird was seen at Amarilla Golf, Tenerife, on 20.9. 1st for the Canaries and 3rd for Spain, on 20-22.9 (Tony Clarke). No sign of the bird sinde 23.9 (Tony Clarke).

Wilson's Snipe* Gallinago [gallinago] delicata. Potential first for Spain. A bird which had been present for three days at Tenerife, was identified positively on 22.9 about 5 minutes before it flew off high to the south (Tony Clarke).

Wilson's Phalarope* Phalaropus tricolor. A juvenile moulting into 1st winter was located at Zeluán pond, Avilés, Asturies on 10.9. The first in the last 18 years and a true rarity for Spain (CM Alvárez Lao, C Álvarez Usátegui, E García Sánchez/Coordinadora Ornitolóxica d'Asturies)The bird was still there on 17.9. (JM Andrés, J Cañada, K de Dios).The bird remained there on 20-21.9 (Daniel López, Joan Gil).See a thumbnail here. And see the new photopage of this bird here.

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus. There was a juvenile and a 1st winter at laguna de San Lorenzo, Plaiaundi, Txingudi, Gipuzkoa on 16-19.9 (Juan G Astigarraga, Gorka Ocio, Karmelo de Dios)

Grey Phalarope Phalaropus fulicarius. There was one 15 miles off Estaca de Bares, A Coruña, Galicia, on 14.9 (César Vidal et al)

Long-tailed Skua* Stercorarius longicaudus. A juvenile was seen migrating off Punta de la Vaca, Gozón, Asturies on 10.9 (E García Sánchez)

Sabine's Gull Larus sabini. Three birds were  A juvenile was seen migrating off Punta de la Vaca, Gozón, Asturies on 10.9 (E García Sánchez)There were seven 80 miles off the coast of Bilbao seen from Pride of Bilbao ferry on 9.9 (Gorka Ocio et al). There were 50 (!!) 15 miles off Estaca de Bares, A Coruña, on 14.9 (César Vidal).

Franklin's Gull* Larus pipixcan. There was a bird, a possible 2nd winter, at presa del Rey, Madrid, on 13.9 (Javier de la Puente) and 14.9 (M J Martínez, J Marchamalo, Delfín González). A very noteworthy inland record. See a thumbnail here

Caspian Tern Sterna caspia. Only unusual localities and records. There was a juvenile at Silla rice-fields, Albufera de València, on 8.9 (Bosco Díes).Two were seen at Canal de San Jorge, Santoña, Cantabria on 17.9 (Juan G Navedo, J Quintana, JA Gómez).

White-winged Black Tern Chlidonias leucopterus. A juvenile was at Filipines marsh, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 3.9 (R.Gutiérrez, FX Santaeufemia)An adult moulting to winter plumage was seen at Fangar bay, Ebre delta, Tarragona on 5.9 (S.Sales, J.C.Calero). An adult also moulting was seen from August to early September at Sueca ricefields, Albufera de València (J.I.Dies, B.Dies). See a thumbnail here and click on it to visit their website (opens in another window). At Ebre delta, one juvenile favoured the river mouth on 6.9 (Alex Ollé, Marc Llobet)There were 2 adults and one juvenile on 6.9 at Albufera de València (J.I.Dies).A juvenile was seen at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 13.9 See a thumbnail here (Ricard Gutiérrez, FX Santaeufemia, S.Sales).There was a bird at Millars river, Castelló on 11.9 (Miguel Moya & Gregorio Ros). Two juveniles were at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Barcelona, on 18-19.9 (F X Santaeufemia).A 1st winter was seen at Embalse de Portaje, Cáceres, on 18.9 (JA Garcia Jiménez, Ana Castaño).One juvenile was at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló, on 27.9 (Víctor J Hernández). At the same place, a winter plumaged adult was seen on 30.9 (Victor j Hernández).

Red-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer. 'E' species beggining to breed in S Spain: On 9.9 at 19:40 h, there were two adults and a chick in a tree at Torremolinos, Málaga (Andy Paterson). This is the second brood this year and the first time in which this species nests twice in a year here.

Richard's Pipit* Anthus richardi. A bird was at El Prat de Llobregat, Llobregat delta, on 26.9 (Xavier Larruy)

Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola. On 5.9 there was a bird at Estuario del Miño, A Guarda, Pontevedra (César Vidal).On 8.9 there were 6 birds at the same place (4 adults and two 1st years) (César Vidal).

Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina. A juvenile was at Marjals d'Almenara, Castelló, on 18.9 (Víctor J Hernández).

Western Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais [pallida] opaca. Extralimital record. One bird was trapped and ringed at Canal Vell biological station, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona, on 6.9 (S.Sales, J.Calero, A.Caballero, S.Vidal, J.Roig/PNDE). See a thumbnail here

Lesser Whitethroat Sylvia curruca. A fresh corpse was found killed by a car in a road of Campo Charro county of Salamanca on 10.9 (Juan José Ramos Encalado)

Red-breasted Flycatcher* Ficedula parva. Two observations of this rare species: on 10.9 a female/1st year was seen at rio Borosa, Sierra de Cazorla, Jaen (Ingo Waschkies). On 14.9, another was sen at Sierra Morena area, near Torre Juan, Ciudad Real (Tom Gullick)

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Latest highlights:

The Dwarf Bittern at Tenerife in late August!. See its special photopage. Only the 4th for the Western Palearctic. Photo © Ludovic Scalabre.
Above: four photos from the seawatch off Estaca de Vares, A Coruña, on 18.08.2002. Above: (two) Long-tailed Skua Stercorarius longicaudus. Middle: Great Shearwater Puffinus gravis. Below: Sabine's Gull Larus sabini. First vidcap: © Delfín González. The other 3 photos: © Pablo Pita.
The Western Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais [pallida] opaca ringed in Ebre Delta, Tarragona, on 6.9.2002. Photo © Sergi Sales.
White-winged Black Tern Chlidonias leucopterus at Sueca ricefields, Albufera de València. Early September 2002. Click on the image to visit the author's website: Dies brothers.
The Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos found at Llobregat delta from 30.8-10.9 at least, photographed on 5.9 (Photo © Ricard Gutiérrez). 
Juvenile Chlidonias leucopterus recorded on 13.9 at Maresma de les Filipines, Llobregat delta, Barcelona (Photo © Ricard Gutiérrez). 
Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos found at Albufera de València 12-13.9. (Photo © JI & B Dies). Click on the photo to visit their website and see more images of this bird.
The Franklins Gull Larus pipixcan from Madrid, on 13-14.9 (Photo © Delfín González).
The Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor at Zeluán, Asturies, on 10-22.9 (Photo © Daniel López Velasco). See the new photopage on this individual cliccking on the photo.
The juvenile Dotterel Charadrius morinellus at la Tancada area, Ebre delta, Tarragona on  23.9 (Photo © Sergi Sales)
Onle of the two Glossy Ibises Plegadis falcinellius at Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 25.9 (Photo © Ricard Gutiérrez). 

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