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Rare Birds in Spain

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* rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO
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Number of rarities this month Citations / Citaciones / Com citar
Species index (n=19+ 20=39)
Cygnus olor Branta canadensis x A.anser Aythya collaris
Cygnus cygnus Branta bernicla Aythya nyroca 
Anser fabalis Aix galericulata Aythya affinis
Anser brachyrhynchus Anas americana
Anser albifrons Anas rubripes Aythya marila
Alopochen aegyptiacus Anas carolinensis Clangula hyemalis
Tadorna ferruginea Oxyura jamaicensis


Podiceps grisegena Circus macrourus Larus hyperboreus
Podiceps auritus Charadrius vociferus Cepphus grylle
Fulmarus glacialis Charadrius morinellus Anthus richardi
Puffinus mauretanicus Calidris temminckii Vireo - Phylloscopus
Egretta alba Larus philadelphia Calcarius lapponicus
Plegadis falcinellus Larus delawarensis Plectrophenax nivalis
Haliaaetus albicilla Larus glaucoides

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Mute Swan Cygnus olor. On 1.1. there were an immature and a bird apparently an adult at Balsa de Zolina, Aranguren, Navarra (Gorka Gorospe)There were nine adults at ria de Pontevedra, Galicia on 9.1. There was a reintroduction some time ago but the usual amount of birds don not exceed the 3-4 individuals so perhaps this group involves other birds (César Vidal).There were 2 at cal Tet lagoon, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 15.1 (Xavier Sampere et al). There were five adults and one 2nd winter at Joyel marshes, Cantabria (P.Arratibel, D.González Ortega)The two birds at cal Tet remained thorough the month (R.Gutiérrez et al)

Whooper Swan* Cygnus cygnus(1,2,3,4)

(1) The adult found at Santoña NR, Cantabria on 29.12.2004 was still there at balsas de Berria on 1.1 (Juan G Navedo-SEO/BirdLife),2.1 (Sergio de Juan, Begoña Valcárcel, Ricardo López, Juan Carlos Andrés)and on 3.1 (Máximo Sánchez Cobo, Javier Julve, see a thumbnail here; Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez; A.García-Herrera, Álvaro Bustamante; Angel González, Paz Grande).Still on 6.1 (F.López, R.Armada, J.L.Copete, M.Moreno; Goyo Para, Rafael Herrero;A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris).Still there on 10.1 (J.Gómez Navedo-SEO/BirdLife; Álvaro Bustamante, Alejandro G.Herrera) and 13.1 (P.Arratibel, D.González-Ortega) to 15.1 (P.Ibarrondo, M.Santillán, E.González, J.Fernández, J.Portillo) and 16.1 (Juanma Dominguez,JM Salazar, B Robledo; DL Huertas, F Sangari, F Arce), see a 2nd thumbnail here to 22.1 (Alejandro G.Herrera; J.Aja, JJ Fernández, J.A.Gómez,J.Quintana). Still there on 26.1 (G.Ocio, J.García Astigarraga)
(2)The three birds reported last month at Ría de Foz, Lugo, were still there on 7.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodriguez, Joan Ferrer). See a photo below (Daniel López Velasco).Seen again on 14.1 (L.J.Salaverri, D.L.Huertas)
(3)It is not clear if the same Santoña bird or most probably another was seen at Rubayo meadows, at Santander bay on 28.1 (Javier Portillo)
(4) A 1st winter was seen on 30.1 at ría de La Rabia, Oyambre NaturalPark, Cantabria (Jesús S. Villoria). This bird had been reported reaching the area on 28.12.2004.

Bean Goose* Anser fabalis. On 2.1 there were four (one adult and three 1st winters) at Fuentedepiedra lagoon, Málaga (D.González Ortega, C.Linares, J.Salcedo).There was one at Villafáfila NR, Zamora on 17.1 (L.Mario Arce) and another at Graveras del Páramo de Cueza, Palencia on 23.1 (Carlos González).

Pink-footed Goose* Anser brachyrhynchus(1,2)The flock arrived on 23.9.2004 to RN Marismas de Santoña y Noja, Cantabria was still there on 2.1 (Sergio de Juan, Begoña Valcárcel, Ricardo López, Juan Carlos Andrés) and on 3.1 (Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez;A.García-Herrera, Álvaro Bustamante; Angel González Mendoza, Paz Grande).Gone between 5-7.1, last seen on 4.1 (Alejandro G.Herrera). Very possibly the same flock was recorded at Aguilar de Campoó reservoir, Palencia on 12.1 (Enrique Gómez Crespo) and 14.1 (David González Ortega).Seen at Aguilar de Campoó reservoir on 15.1 (Pedro Arratibel)
(2) At Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca the two birds of this winter were relocated on 5.1 (Ángel González Mendoza)but only one was present on 8.1 (Ángel González Mendoza, Octavio Infante).Still there on 10.1 (Delfín González).Seen again on 16.1 (Angel González/SEO-Salamanca). See a thumbnail here of one of them

White-fronted Goose* Anser albifrons . There were two adults and a juvenile at Villafáfila, Zamora on 5.1 (Delfín González).The two birds overwintering at Azud de Riolobos were still there on 2.1 (SEO-Salamanca) and 8.1 (Octavio Infante, Angel González Mendoza), see a thumbnail hereand on 10.1 (Delfín González). Seen again on 16.1 (Angel González / SEO- Salamanca). At least one was at Villafáfila on 22-23.1 (Joan Ximenis)

Presumed hybrid Canada Goose x Greylag Goose Branta canadensis x Anser anser. A bird showing intermediate characters was seen on 23.1 at Villafáfila Nature Reserve, Zamora (Joan Ximenis). The bird was in company of 20 Greylag Geese.

Brent Goose Branta bernicla.There was one at Marismas de Santoña, Cantabria on 2.1 (Sergio de Juan, Begoña Valcárcel, Ricardo López, Juan Carlos Andrés)Still there on 3.1 (Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez) and 4.1 (Paz Grande, Angel González).Still there on 6.1 (A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris) and 10.1 (J.Gómez Navedo-SEO/BirdLife; Álvaro Bustamante, Alejandro G.Herrera).There was a 2nd calendar bernicla ssp bird at Umia river mouth, Cambados, Galicia (Galiza) on 7.1. This bird had been recorded the last two months at O Bao marshes, just 3 km S of Cambados (C.D.Romai Cousido, J.R.Gómez, X.Piñeiro et al). On 5.1 there were 2 nominate ssp. at ensenada de San Simón, Arcade, Pontevedra (César Vidal). On 10.1 there was one nominate ssp. at estuario del Miño, A Guarda, Pontevedra (César Vidal).See a thumbnail hereThere was one at canal de San Jorge, Santoña, Cantabria on 10.1 (Juan G Navedo-SEO/BirdLife, Beatriz Gómez) and 13.1 (D.González Ortega, P.Arratibel, N.García de Plazaola).but two on 26.1 (G.Ocio, J.G.Astigarraga). There was one at ria de la Villa, Villaviciosa, Asturies on 24.1 (Adolfo Villaverde).On 29.1 there were 2 at ría de Ortigueira (J.M.Alonso Pumar, LJ Salaverri et al/SGO). On 30.1, four were at Santoña (Juanma Domínguez)

Egyptian Goose* Alopochen aegyptiacus(1)One was found at river Ebro, near galacho de Juslibol, Zaragoza on 2.1 (Luis Lalanza, Javier Capalvo)

Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea. The two birds featured at Lagunas de Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real on previous months were still there on 2.1 (Jorge Remacha) and on 9.1 (José Gómez Moreno). There was a female at at Umia river mouth, Cambados, Galicia (Galiza) on 7.1. This bird had been recorded the last two months at O Bao marshes, just 3 km S of Cambados (C.D.Romai Cousido, J.R.Gómez, X.Piñeiro et al).At Villafáfila NR, Zamora, there was one bird at laguna de la Fuente on 16.1 (Alfonso Rodrigo). The Ciudad real birds were still there on 23.1 (Jorge Remacha;Gabriel Martín, Manuel Araujo, Mario Rodero, Juan David, Ignacio García, Carlos Segura)See a thumbnail here (Víctor Merino)

Mandarin Duck* Aix galericulata (1,2,3,4)
(1)There was a female at Donostia harbour, Gipuzkoa, Euskadi on 4.1 (Jon Aitor Mujika)
(2)On 8.1 a pair was located at Estany de Graugés, Avià, Berguedà county, Barcelona (Ricard  Gutiérrez, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Helena Arbonés, Gerard Gutiérrez). They behaved wild and were seen both in flight and feeding with other ducks. See a photo below and a thumbnail here (Ricard Gutiérrez) 15 (2 puntos)Seen in Llobregat river near Colonia Rosal, Barcelona on 15.1 since the Graugés lake was frozen (Pere Aymerich)
(3)At Embalse de Vilasouto, O Incio, Lugo there was a bird on 16.1 (David Calleja, Eva Villares, José Otero, Oscar Ribas)
(4) The three birds featured in previous months at Albufera de València were still there on 20.1 at Racó de l'Olla area, being unexpectedly surviving to duck hunting season (!) (J.I.Dies)
(c) Ricard Gutiérrez

American Wigeon* Anas americana(1,2)
(1) On 7.1 it was relocated  the drake at ría del Eo, Lugo/Asturies seen last month (Daniel López Velasco, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodriguez, Joan Ferrer,F.López, R.Armada, J.L.Copete, M.Moreno, P.Fernández).Still there on 14.1 (L.J.Salaverri, D.L.Huertas).
(2) At least three drakes were observed amongst c.500 Eurasian Wigeons at O Bao marshes, O Grove (Ogrobe), Galicia (Galiza) on 5.1. Two of the birds had been found by early December in the same place but a third was found on 5.1 (Cosme Damian Romai Cousido, Atocha Ramos) (9) 2 puntosAt least four on 23.1 at the same place (Xurxo Pinheiro)
Black Duck* Anas rubripes (1)
(1) Like last month, two birds at Ría de Foz: a pure drake and an male hybrid black duck x mallard, both seen on 7.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodriguez, Joan Ferrer,F.López, R.Armada, J.L.Copete, M.Moreno, P.Fernández).The male rested at the same place on 14.1 (L.J.Salaverri, D.L.Huertas).

Green-winged Teal* Anas carolinensis(1,2) The drake found on 2.11 at El Cortalet lagoon, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona was seen again on 6.1  (Jordi Martí-Aledo)
 (2)On 29.1 a drake was found at Clot del Galvany, Alacant (Jacobo Ramos Sánchez).

Ring-necked Duck* Aythya collaris(1,2,3,4,5) 
(1)There was a pair at embalse de As Forcadas, A Coruña, on 2.1 (Antonio y Pablo Gutiérrez, Ignacio Allegue). These birds had been seen in 2004 already.An adult was still in the area on 14.1 (L.J.Salaverri, D.L.Huertas)
(2) On 5.1. a female was found at La Furta, Corbera, Asturies (Elías García-Sanchez)(6) 2 puntosStill there on 6.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez, Guillem Mas) and 7.1 (Clemente Álvarez Usátegui) to 15.1 at least (Alfonso López López, Juan Diego Acevedo Barberá)
(3)On 8.1 there were two males, very probably the same reported previously in the area, at Rosa Catalina García, Tuineje, Fuerteventura (Rubén Moreno-Opo, Beatriz Sánchez).See a thumbnail here
(4) On 16.1 and during the winter wildfowl count at Embalse de Barrios de Luna, León, a pair of drakes were located within a Pochard group (Nacho Rodríguez, Isabel Roa, Sara Cifuentes)Still one male there on 22.1,when photogaphed (C.Zumalacárregui, D.Miguélez, H.Astiárraga, Iván San Martín)
(5) At León, the number of Ring-neckeds increased with the finding of two females at Santa Cristina del Páramo pond on 30.1 (David Miguélez Carbajo)

Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca  There was a bird at playa de Sada, A Coruña on 4.1 (Xabier Varela) There was a male at embalse de la Granda,Gozón, Asturies on 7.1 (Jorge Valella).

Lesser Scaup* Aythya affinis (1) 
(1)There was a 1w male at embalse de As Forcadas, A Coruña, on 2.1 (Antonio y Pablo Gutiérrez, Ignacio Allegue).(2) 4 puntosStill there on 8.1 (F.López, R.Armada, M.Moreno, JL Copete, P.Gutiérrez). See a photo below (middle bird, between Tufted -left- and Pochard -right-) and thumbnails here (R.Armada).Still there on 11.1 (Pablo Gutiérrez) See another photo below.

The bird between a Tufted Duck (left) and a Pochard (right) Rafael Armada

The same bird (P.Gutierrez)

ScaupAythya marila.  On 2.1 a female was at La Linera, Ría de Eo, Asturies/Lugo. It was close to a presumed hybrid female Ayhtya fuligula x marila (Pablo Fernández).Still there on 7.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodríguez, Joan Ferrer).There was an adult drake on 11.1 at Santoña NR, this bird having already been seen on 15.11.2004 and 11.12.2004 (Alejandro G.Herrera).There was a drake at ria de Ortigueira, A Coruña, Galicia, on 28-30.1 (José Miguel Alonso Pumar et al/SGO).The drake at Santoña was still there on 31.1 (Alvaro Bustamante)

Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis. The 1st winter found at Zeluan on 12.11.2004 was still there on 4-5.1 (Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez;A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris).On 4.1 near ría de Arousa, at las Conchas beach, Rianxo, A Coruña, two birds -possibly 1st winters- were recorded (Amadeo A.Pombo, Mariana Roura).The Zeluán bird still there on 15.1 (Alfonso López López, Juan Diego Acevedo Barberá; C.A.Usátegui, D.L.Huertas).One was found at Ebre delta, Tarragona on 25.1 (David Bigas)

Ruddy Duck* Oxyura jamaicensis(1) One was found at laguna del Astillero, Santander, Cantabria on 22.1  (Karmelo de Dios)On 23.1(Fernando Arce) and 29.1 (Juanjo Aja) it was still there  and 



Red-necked Grebe Podiceps grisegena. There was one at Santander bay, Cantabria on 7.1 (Fernando Arce).One was at RN Marismas de Santoña y Noja, Cantabria on 22.1 (Alejandro G. Herrera, M.Fernández Cobo) and 26.1 (G.Ocio, J.G.Astigarraga)and 27.1 (G.Ocio), when photographed (see a thumbnail here)to 30.1 (Juanma Domínguez)

Slavonian Grebe Podiceps auritus. The species is no longer considered rarity by CR/SEO from 1.1.2005. A bird reported at Txingudi the last days of 2004 moved to the French side of the frontier on 1.1. (David Calleja). There were 5 at ría de Ortigueira, A Coruña on 1.1 (Antonio Gutiérrez, Ignacio Allegue).At least five at Santoña, Cantabria on 3.1 (Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez), but 8 on 6.1 (;A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris) and 12 there on 10.1 during the official wildfowl count (J.Gómez Navedo-SEO/BirdLife; Álvaro Bustamante, Alejandro G.Herrera).The bird reported in December 2004 from El Musel, Xixón, was still there on 5.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez) and 6.1 (same authors as 5.1 plus F.López, R.Armada, JL Copete, M.Moreno).The bird at Plaiaundi, Txingudi bay, moved back to the Spanish side of the border on 2-6.1 (David Calleja Marcos) and at the same Gipuzkoan area was joined by a second bird from 8.1 (Pedro Arratibel, David González, Nacho García Plazaola). Again at Santoña, seven were at canal de Hano on 15.1 (P.Ibarrondo, M.Santillán, E.González, J.Fernández, J.Portillo) and six on 16.1 (F Sangari, DL Huertas, F Arce) but the official cound gave 12 birds on 10.1 (Juan G Navedo-SEO/BirdLife, Beatriz Gómez).The bird seen at El Musel, Xixón, was still there on 15.1 (C.A.Usátegui, D.L.Huertas).There were 5 at ria de Ortigueira on 16.1 (Antonio Gutiérrez, Ignacio Allegue, Pablo Gutiérrez). On 22.1 there were 12 at RN Santoña y Noja, Cantabria (Alejandro G.Herrera). One was found at Ebre delta, Tarragona on 24.1 (David Bigas). The bird at El Musel, Xixon, was still there on 25.1 (C.A.Usátegui).There were 2 at Lanzada bay, Pontevedra, on 23.1 (Xurxo Pinheiro). There were 2 at Ria de la Villa, Villaviciosa, Asturies on 28.1 (Adolfo Villaverde). There were 6 at ria de Ortigueira, A Coruña, Galicia, on 28.1 (José Miguel Alonso Pumar) and at least four on 29.1 (JM.Alonso, LJ Salaverri et al /SGO)

Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis. A corpse was found at the beach of Brazomar river, Castro, Cantabria on 26.1 (Jesús Menéndez)On 28.1 one was found dead at Oriñón beach, Castro-Urdiales, Cantabria (Jesús Menéndez) and another on 30.1 at Ostende beach, Castro, Cantabria (A.Gomez, J.López, C.Rodrigo, F.Sanchoyarto).

Balearic Shearwater  Puffinus mauretanicus. On 10.1 38 were counted within an hour seawatch off Cap de l'Horta, Alacant (Elías Gomis).There were 1070 birds at platja llarga de Tarragona on 7.1 (Albert Cama) and 225 more at Cap de Salou, Tarragona on 8.1 (Albert Cama). On 7.1 there were 1260-1300 at Illa de Benidorm, Alacant (José Santamaría et al). Read more abou this (in Spanish) at natur@licante

Great White Egret Egretta alba. Observations outside of regular site at PN Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona. There was one at Ría de la Rabia, Cantabria on 1.1. (Paz Grande, Angel González Mendoza) See a thumbnail here; still there on 6.1 (Alejandro G.Herrera).There were 3 at Los Palacios, Sevilla on 2.1 (Arancha Luque, Antonio Aguilera)The bird at laguna de Barillos, Villafáfila, Zamora, was still there on 5.1 (Delfín González). There were 3 at Emblase del Vicario, Ciudad Real on 5.1 (Alfonso López López).There was a bird at Embalse de la Tabla, Jiménez de Jamuz, León on 7.1 (David Miguélez Carbajo).The bird at Ría de la Rabia, Cantabria was already there by 22.12 (Álvaro Rada).There were 5-7 birds at Salinas de Santa Pola, Alacant on 5.1 (César-Javier Palacios)There was one at Los Canchales reservoir, Mérida, Extremadura on 11.1 (J.A.García Jiménez). Another was at La Mitjana,Lleida, on 15.1 (Francesc Moncasí, Rafel Rocaspana).There were 2 at laguna de la Fuente, Villafáfila Nature Reserve, Zamora on 16.1 (Alfonso Rodrigo). There was one at Rio Grande, Málaga on 18.1, see a thumbnail here (Todor Iliev Todorov). The Villafáfila bird was still thre on 17.1 (L.M.Arce)and 22-23.1 (J.Ximenis) .There were 3 at Brazo del Este, Sevilla on 21.1 (Daniel L Huertas)On 27.1 there was one at Los Silos reservoir, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Tony Clarke). The bird at ría de la Rabia, Cantabria was still there on 30.1 (Alejandro G.Herrera). The bird at Charca de El Polvillo, Los Silos, Tenerife, was relocated on 30.1.2005 (Juan José Ramos). There were 2 at Ejea de los Caballeros ricefields, Zaragoza, between 22-30.1 (Fran Alcalá).

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus. On 2-3.1 there was 1 at Marjal d'Almenara, Castelló, part of the six that had been seen in the area from 6th November 2004  (Gerard Forment, Vicent Casanova, David Olmos Corral) There were over 400 birds at Los Palacios, Sevilla on 2.1 (Arancha Luque, Antonio Aguilera) .One bird PVC marked arrived to Filipines marsh, Llobregat delta, Barcelona on 14.1 (J.Bescós; F.López,X.Sampere,R.Gutiérrez et al) and was still there on 15.1 (R.Gutiérrez, Q.Carballal, J.Castelló, FX.Santaeufemia, A.Ramal, E.Guinart). The same 15.1 another bird was seen entering from the sea at ca l'Arana area, Llobregat delta, Barcelona (M.Gil, P.Bescós, R.González de Lucas, X.Sampere et al).There was one at Berria meadows, Santoña, Cantabria on 15.1 (P.Ibarrondo, M.Santillán, E.González, J.Fernández, J.Portillo), possibly the same was at Joyel marshes on 1.1 (Juan G Navedo-SEO/BirdLife) and also seen on 16.1 (Juanma Dominguez,JM Salazar, B Robledo). Another was seen within a Cattle Egret roost at Alday, Cantabria on 14.1 (J.Portillo). Two were seen at Plaiaundi, Txingudi, Irun, Gipuzkoa on 24.1 (Mikel Etxaniz), being the 4th for the province.There were 13 at Sebrau, Ria de la Villa, Villaviciosa, Asturies on 24.1 (Adolfo Villaverde) and three on 22.1 (J.Aja, J.A.Gómez Poza) and three at Santoña on 23.1 (Máximo Sánchez Cobo, Alejandro García Herrera). See a thumbnail hereThere were 33 at Laguna de las Yeguas, Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real on 23.1. The same day, 25 more (11 PVC marked) were seen at laguna del Retamar, distant 40 km from the 1st. One of the largest concentrations of this species at La Mancha area (Gabriel Martín, Manuel Araujo, Mario Rodero, Juan David, Jorge Remacha, Ignacio García, Carlos Segura). On 23.1 too there were 5 at Valdoviño lake, A Coruña, (Antonio & Pablo Gutiérrez) and 24 (!) at Cospeito lagoon, Lugo (David Calleja). NW of Spain is experiencing a sort of 'invasion' by late january, with unprecedented numbers. According to Jordi Figuerola from Doñana Biological Station, the ricefields where the local Doñana population gathers are dry in January so a dispersal of the local population (1000 breeding pairs in 2004, producing over 2000 chicks) may be after the N Spain sightings.On 27.1 there were 10 at Marjal d'Almenara, Castelló (Enric Amer), and 11 on 30.1 (Máximo Sánchez . Cobo). There were 8 at Embalse de San Andrés, Xixón on 31.1 (Armando Castaon)

White-tailed Eagle* Haliaetus albicilla(1) FOURTH FOR SPAIN. The bird found on 15.12 and not seen since 18.12 was relocated on 20.12 (as known on 9.1.2005) at the sme place: Las Cañas reservoir, Navarra (Javier Robres Cabezón). On 5.1. the same bird was seen c.30 km from that place at balsa de Obekuri, Condado de Treviño, Burgos (Fernando Ruiz de Temiño).Then on 6.1 the juvenile was relocated again at Embalse de las Cañas, Navarra (Javier Robres Cabezón), when it was photographed (J.Robres). See a photo below and two thumbnails here. Note the rings!
(c) Javier Robres

Pallid Harrier* Circus macrourus(1) Amazing overwintering record. A juvenile, probably a female, was gathered exhausted on 14.1.2005 near Mesa Mota, La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Maria del Mar Rodríguez). Identified by Aurelio Martín and Juan Antonio Lorenzo (authors of the book 'Birds of the Canary Islands'), the bird was brought to the recovery center 'Centro de Recuperación de Fauna del Cabildo de Tenerife'. The objective would be to release it in the next few days since the bird has been successfully recovered.The bird was released on 15.1 and flew perfectly (J.A.Lorenzo)

Killdeer* Charadrius vociferus(1) THIRD FOR SPAIN. From 25.1 when it was heard to 27.1 when it was finally seen (Andy Paterson), a bird was seen at Guadalhorce river mouth, Málaga

Dotterel Charadrius morinellus. Overwintering flock. On 1.1 there was a party of 20 birds (!) at Las Amoladeras, Cabo de Gata, Almería (Raimundo Martín Rodríguez). Still there on 8.1 (Javier de la Cruz, Raimundo Martín)

Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii. There were 3 at Vinalopó river, Santa Pola, Alacant on 24.1 (A.Jacobo Ramos). There were 5 at Ejea de los Caballeros ricefields, Zaragoza, from 22-30.1 (Fran Alcalá)

Bonaparte's Gull* Larus philadelphia (1,2)One adult was found amongst Black-headed gulls at ría de la Villa, Villaviciosa, Asturies on 3.1. (Adolfo Villaverde) (3) 2 puntos
(2) On 22.1, a bird was seen at playa Aguilera, Porto do Son, A Coruña. It was within a flock of L.michahellis, 8 L.marinus, and c.30 L.ridibundus (José Ramón Gómez González). See a photo below (JR Gomez) and thumbnails here(25) 2 puntosStill there, at playa Aguieira, on 29.1 (José Ramón Gómez)

Ring-billed Gull* Larus delawarensis (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16)

(1)The bird reported last month at at Sada beach, A Coruña, a 1st winter, waas relocated at playa de Gandario, Bergondo, A Coruña on 4.1 (Xabier Varela).
(2) There was an adult at Pantin beach, Cedeira, A Coruña, on 6.1 (Antonio Gutiérrez)(10) 2 puntos
(3) Another adult was present at Embalse de Vilagudín, A Coruña, on 6.1 (Xabier Varela) (11) 2 puntos
(4&5)There was an adult at Piles river, Xixón, Asturies, with another adult from the year 2004 on 5.1 . See a photo of both below (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodríguez). (5) 2 puntos. One of these birds was seen also on 6.1 (Daniel López Velasco, F.López, R.Armada, J.L.Copete, M.Moreno,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez)See a thumbnail here too.On 4.1 an adult and a 1st winter had been seen at dusk at the same area (A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris). See another thumbnail here (Martí Rodríguez).On 15.1 there were there one adult and two 1st winter birds (Alfonso López López, Juan Diego Acevedo Barberá)
(6) There was a 1st winter at Getxo marina, Euskadi on 7.1 (Xabier Remirez, see a thumbnail here) and seen again on 9.1 (Gorka Ocio). Perhaps the same still there on 19-23.1 (G.Ocio)
(7)There was a 1st winter at Xunqueira del Lagares, Vigo on 10.1 (César Vidal)(16) 2 puntosSee a photo below (César Vidal)

(8) There was an adult at Pedreña, Santander, Cantabria on 14.1 (Javier Portillo)
(9) On 19.1 and besides the 1st winter reported above, there was an adult at Getxo marina, Euskadi (Gorka Ocio). Seen again on 23.1 (G.Ocio)
(10)Another adult was found along the other two adults overwintering now at the Rinconín area, Xixón beach, Asturies on 19.1 (Elias G.Sánchez). The other two adults are those of the photo below(22) 2 puntos.Still there 3 adults and a 1st winter on 22.1 (Daniel López Velasco)
(11)On 20.1 a 1st winter was found at Ría de Avilés, Asturies (Elias G.Sánchez)
(23) 2 puntos
(12) On 20.1 there were two 1st winter birds altogether at Cogersa rubish tip,Asturies (César A.Laó) (24) 2 puntos
(13) On 14.1 there was a 1st winter at coastal meadows near Tapia, Asturies (Elias García Sánchez)(20) 2 puntos
(14) On 13.1 there was a 1st winter at Musel harbour, Xixon, Asturies (Elias García Sánchez)(21) 2 puntos
(15) On 13.1 there was an adult at Ares beach, A Coruña, Galicia (Daniel L Huertas). See a thumbnail here.
(16)At Santurtzi harbour, Bizkaia, there was a 2nd winter on 26.1 (Gorka Ocio). This bird was seen again on 27.1 at playa de Ereaga, Getxo (Juan Manuel Pérez de Ana). See a thumbnail here and a detail of the head below (JM Pérez de Ana)
(17) On 29.1 one 1st winter was found at Baldaio, A Coruña (Xabier Varela)(29) 2 puntos

The bird at Santurtzi (J.M.Pérez de Ana)

Iceland Gull* Larus glaucoides (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11)Invasion after N cold spell by the end of the year 2004.
(1) One 1w was seen at Parque Isabel la Católica, Xixón, Asturies on 1.1.2005 (Isolino Pérez Tuya)
(2) One was at laguna de San Lorenzo, Plaiaundi, bahia de Txingudi, Gipuzkoa (David Calleja Marcos, Jesús Serradilla) on 1.1. It had been found by Mikel Etxaniz & Pedro Arratibel on 30.12.2004 See a photo below. (David Calleja Marcos)
Photo © David Calleja Marcos
(3) The bird found at Ares beach, A Coruña, on 27.12 was still there on 2.1 (Antonio y Pablo Gutiérrez, Ignacio Allegue)
(4) On 5.1 another 1st winter was found at muelle del Rendiellu, El Musel, Xixón, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodríguez). See a thumbnail here(4) 2 puntosSeen also on 6.1 (Daniel López Velasco)and 19.1 (Elías García Sánchez)
(5) On 6.1 another 1st winter bird, very faded and worn, so different from the rest seen in Asturies, was found at Trasona reservoir (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez, Guillem Mas).(7) 2 puntosSee a thumbnail here
(6) On 6.1 another different 1st winter, darker than the rest also at the Musel seen at the same moment than (4) bird and found in flight (Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez (8) 2 puntos).Three Iceland gulls seen the same day by the same author (!!!).
(7)On 19.1 a 1st winter was seen at Getxo marina, Bizkaia, Euskadi (Gorka Ocio).Still there on 24-26.1 (G.Ocio)On 28.1 it was still there (Juan Manuel Pérez de Ana). See two thumbnails here
(8) The 2nd bird featured last month at Zeluán (number 4 on December page) was relocated on 21.1 at Trasona reservoir (Elías García Sánchez).
(9)There was one at Santoña harbour, Cantabria, on 26.1 (Gorka Ocio, Juan García Astigarraga)
(10) On 16.1, a 1st winter was seen at Pasaia, Gipuzkoa (Alfredo Gorrotxategi)
(11) On 30.1, a 1st winter was seen at Viveiro, Lugo (Pablo Pita)(31) 2 puntos

Glaucous Gull* Larus hyperboreus(1,2,3,4,5,6)

(1) One 2nd winter was seen at playa de Berria, Santoña, Cantabria, on 3.1 (David Miguélez, Álvaro Rada, Carlos Zumalacárregui; Daniel López Velasco,Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez).See a photo below (David Miguélez) and a comparative thumbnail with the Zeluán glaucous gull here (Daniel López Velasco). Still on 6.1 (F.López, R.Armada, J.L.Copete, M.Moreno;A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris).Still there on 10.1 (J.Gómez Navedo-SEO/BirdLife; Álvaro Bustamante, Alejandro G.Herrera) , 16.1 (F.Sangari) and 18.1 (Álvaro Bustamante, A.García Herrera) to 22.1 (A.Garcia Herrera) and 26.1 (G.Ocio, J.García Astigarraga)
(2) There was a 2nd winter at Dársena de Axpe, Erandio, Euskadi on 9.1 (Gorka Ocio).
(3) On 7.1 there was a 1st winter at San Cibrao harbour, A Coruña, Galicia (L.J.Salaverri)(13) 2 puntos
(4)On 29.1 there was one at Cee, A Coruña (José Ramón Gómez González, Ana Isabel Pérez)(27) 2 puntosSee two thumbnails here
(5) On 29.1 a 1st winter was seen at Burela harbour, A Coruña (Pablo Pita)(30) 2 puntos See a photo of Antonio Gutiérrez below.
(6) One 1st winter was seen at Meicende reservoir, A Coruña, on 31.1 (Xabier Varela)(32) 2 puntos

c David Miguélez
David Miguélez

Rafael Armada

Antonio Gutiérrez

Black Guillemot * Cepphus grylle(1) A bird was seen at close distance at  El Musel, Gijón, from 24-25.1 (Nacho Vega; C.Alvarez Usátegui). It is believed to be perhaps the same bird seen last november in the same site.

Richard's Pipit* Anthus richardi (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
(1)There were at least 2 on 1.1 at Erms de la Tancada, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona (Rafael Armada) these form part of the party coming from autumn 2004. 
(2) At Cabo Peñes, Asturies, there were 4 birds on 5.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodríguez) but one alone on 3.1 behind the lighthouse on 3.1 (A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris), at least 4 on 15.1 (D.L.Huertas, C.A.Usátegui) and 2-3 were seen there on 15.1 (Alfonso López López, Juan Diego Acevedo Barberá) and 4 by C.A.Usátegui & D.L.Huertas.
(3) There were 2 near Villamil, Tapia, on 7.1 (Daniel López Velasco, Guillem Mas, Martí Rodriguez, Joan Ferrer)(14) 2 puntos
(4) There was a bird at coastal meadows of Lluces/Llastres, Asturies, on 4.1 (Xuan Cortés)(12) 2 puntos
(5)Presumably the same bird from late 2004, one was relocated at Besós river mouth, Sant Adrià de Besós, on 12.1.2005 (Quique Carballal) Relocated on 27.1.2005 (Quique Carballal)
(6) On 7.1 there were at least four at Punta del Cuerno and the nearby meadows at playa del Caballo, Cuchia, Cantabria (Álvaro Rada). See a thumbnail here.On 23.1 there were at least two at the same site (Maite Garrigós, Amaia Pérez, J.Manuel Pérez de Ana)
(7) On 16.1 there was one at Punta Vidrias, Castrillón, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco). See a thumbnail here(17) 2 puntos
(8) On 16.1 there were five birds at Cabo Negro, Gozón, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco). At least two are new for 2005 since there were only 2 by late december(18) 2 puntos
(9) There were 3 at Cabo Vidiu, Cudillero, Asturies on 16.1 (Elías García Sánchez)(19) 2 puntos
(10)On 22.1 two were at Espiñeira meadows, Cospeito,Lugo (David Calleja Marcos, Gustavo Martínez Lamas)
(11)On 27.1 a 1st winter was found at Valdepares coastal meadows, El Franco, Asturies (Pablo Fernández). See a photo below (P.Fernández)(26) 2 puntos
(12) On 29.1 one was found at Dunas de Baladio, A Coruña (Xabier Varela)(28) 2 puntos
(13) On 30.1 there was a new bird at Casariego meadows, Tapia, Asturies (Pablo Fernández)(33) 2 puntos
(c) Pablo Fernández

Reported 'Vireo*' Vireo sp but probably a dirty Chiffchaff Phylloscopus A bird was reported from 18-21.1.2005 at Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, within Playa Flamingo hotel resort (Harald Totland) The bird was seen again on 23.1 by Mr & Mrs Clarke and it was estimated to be slightly larger than a Chiffchaff but away from the size of a Garden Warbler S.borin or the even bigger V.olivaceus so the identity of the bird was then even more puzzling and other options were being considered (contributed by Micha A.Neumann & A.Tore Mjös)Have a look at the page considering different options, the bird seems a dirty Chiffchaff but the above images are the only one available.

Lapland Bunting* Calcarius lapponicus(1) Three birds were found at coastal meadows at Villamil, Tapia, Asturies, on 1.1. (Pablo Fernández). See a thumbnail here(1) 2 puntos

Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis. There was a 1w female at Moncayo mountain , near Beratón, Soria, at 1300 meters above sea level (Aurelio García). There were 2 within a flock of 35 Skylarks at Salave, Tapia, Asturies on 4.1 (Pablo Fernández).Still on 4.1 the two birds found last december at playa de Salinas, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco, Joan Ferrer, Martí Rodríguez Franch, Guillem Mas, Guillermo Rodríguez, Quique Carballal) and 5.1 (A.Ollé, P.Serrano,T.Mampel, A.Peris) See a photo below (D.L.Velasco). There were 3 (a male and 2 females or immaturs) at Fervenza reservoir, Mazaricos, A Coruña on 2.1 (Xabier Varela, María Canedo Aguiar). The Salinas beach birds were still there on 15.1 (Clemente Álvarez Usátegui, Dani López Huertas)There was a bird at Baldaio, Carballo, A Coruña, on 16.1 (Antonio Sandoval, Álvaro Barros, Sefi Paris). See a thumbnail here

c Daniel López Velasco
Suggested citations / Citaciones recomendadas / Citació recomanada:

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Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Please contact the authors before using any photo for anything else than personal reference. Any submitted news to this page will be forwarded to the Spanish RC if enough substantiated but inclusion in this page does not imply acceptance or homologation of any kind. Gibraltar news are included thanks to Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society but this has no more implication than the sake of completeness given this area situation. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with .From 2004 on news on Pied Wagtail and Caspian Tern are no longer included except in case of major unusual concentrations .(11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntosicons are related to a new birding competition running in three areas of Spain during the year regarding rarity sightings. See more here (in Spanish) . Go back to top
Citas recientes incluye las últimas novedades del conjunto del país que tanto son observaciones personales, comunicaciones al autor o noticias difundidas en listas de correo. Por favor contacten los autores para cualquier uso de las fotografias fuera del estrictamente personal.Cualquier cita que se envie a esta página sera reenviada al CR/SEO pero su inclusión aquí no implica su aceptación u homologación de ningún tipo.Los nombres de las localidades se incluyen como son enviadas por los colaboradores, que deben ser citados como autores de las citas. Las noticias más recientes se marcan con .Desde enero de 2004 no se inluyen citas de lavandera blanca enlutada ni de pagaza piquirroja excepto en casos de grandes concentraciones inusuales(11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntos Los iconos anteriores se refieren a una nueva competición ornitológica que se celebra en tres áreas de España durante 2005 relativa a la observación de rarezas. Más detalles aquí.  Ir al inicio de la página
Cites recents inclou les darreres novetats del conjunt de l'estat que són observacions pròpies, comunicacions o noticies difoses a llistes de correu. Si us plau contacteu amb els autors de les fotos per a a qualsevol ús fora de l'estrictament personal. Qualsevol cita que sigui enviada a aquesta plana serà rebotada també al CR/SEO si bé la seva publicació aquí no implica la seva aceptació o homologació de cap mena. Els noms de les localitats són posats tal i com són enviats pels autors, que han de ser referenciats com a autors de les cites. Les notícies més recents són les marcades amb .Des de gener de 2004 no s'inclouen cites de cuereta blanca endolada ni de xatrac gros llevat de possibles casos de concentracions inusuals Les icones(11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntos es refereixen a una competició ornitológica que es fa durant el 2005 entre Galicia, Asturies i Catalunya quant al nombre i diversitat de rareses observades. Més dades en castellà (llevat de la plana de l'equip català aquí) en aquesta plana principal del concurs. . Tornar a l'inici de la plana.

Lamentablemente, de momento no hay versión castellana disponible. Lamentablement, de moment no hi ha versió catalana disponible, però Jordi Clavell s'encarrega sistemàticament d'ajudar-me a trobar totes les errades de la plana o sigui que gràcies!

Rarities reported so far this month

Latest highlights:

The bird found at Plaiaundi on 30.12 and still there on 2.1 (David Calleja)
The bird found at Ares beach, A Coruña, on 27.12 that was still there on 2.1 (Antonio Gutiérrez et al)
One of the three Lapland Buntings found at Villamil, Tapia, Asturies, on 1.1 (Pablo Fernández)
The Whooper Swan at Santoña as on 3.1 (Máximo Sánchez Cobo)
The overwintering Long-tailed Duck at Zeluán, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco)
A comparative thumbnail between the Zeluán Iceland gull (see a larger photo in the December page) and the Santoña Glaucous gull (see a larger photo in this page). Both thumbnails © Daniel López Velasco
Part of the flock of Pink-footed Geese overwintering at Santoña NR, Cantabria whose evolution is followed by this page (Daniel López Velasco)
Yet another Iceland gull at Asturies. The 'new' bird found on 5.1 at El Musel,Xixón (Daniel López Velasco). And on 15.1 at the same place (Daniel L Huertas)
The Great White Egret at Ría de la Rabia, Cantabria on 1.1. (Paz Grande, Angel González Mendoza)
Another shot of one of the Santoña Pink-footed Geese, Cantabria on 4.1. (Angel González Mendoza)
The drake Mandarin Duck at Estany de Graugés, Avià, Barcelona on 8.1 (Ricard Gutiérrez)
Two more images (above) of the White-tailed Eagle from Embalse de las Cañas, La Rioja, where relocated on 6.1 (Javier Robres). Note the rings on both legs!
The two Whitefronts from Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca on 8.1 (Ángel González)
One of the two Ring-billed Gulls found at Parque Isabel la Católica at Xixón, a true hotspot for gulls in N Spain! (Daniel López Velasco)
The female Ring-necked duck at La Furta, Corvera, Asturies (Daniel López Velasco)
The Iceland gull at embalse de Trasona, Asturies (Joan Ferrer)
The two Long-tailed ducks from the ria de Arousa (Amadeo A.Pombo)
One of the Richard's Pipits from Punta del Cuerno, Cantabria as seen on 7.1 (Álvaro Rada)
Another shot of the adult Ring-billed Gull at Parque Isabel La Católica, Xixón, Asturies, as seen on 5.1 (Martí Rodríguez)
Sometimes not all odd geese are rare species.Or hybrids. This Greylag was believed to be a melanistic bird, present at Laguna de la Nava, Palencia on 14.1 (Delfín González)
Two more images of the Berria beach, Santoña Glaucous Gull as seen on 6.1 (Pere Serrano). Note the pale iris of the bird.
Another shot of the ria de Foz Whooper Swans showing all three bills (Rafael Armada)
Two more images of the Galicia Lesser Scaup (Rafael Armada)
The pair of Ring-necked ducks at Embalse das Forcadas, Galicia (Rafael Armada)
One of  the Brent Geese at Pontevedra (César Vidal)
One of the two drakes Ring-necked ducks at Fuerteventura as seen on 8.1 (Rubén Moreno-Opo)
 The 1st winter Ring-billed gull found at Getxo Marina on 7.1 (Xabier Remirez)
Another Iceland Gull: this one was seen side by side an adult Ring-billed Gull at Getxo Marina, Euskadi on 19.1 (Gorka Ocio)
The Great White Egret at rio Grande Málaga (T.Todorov)
The Bonaparte's Gull at Porto do Son, A Coruña (J.R.Gómez)
One Richard's Pipit at Cabo Peñes, Asturies (Daniel L Huertas)
The Drake American Wigeon at Ria de Eo, Asturies (Daniel L Huertas)
An adult Ring-billed Gull at Ares beach, A Coruña (Daniel L Huertas)
One of the two Pink footeds at Azud de Riolobos, Salamanca (Angel González)
The Whooper Swan at Santoña (Daniel L Huertas)
The Richard's Pipit at Punta Vidrias, Asturies, on 16.1 (Daniel L Velasco)
Snow Bunting at Baldaio, A Coruña on 16.1  (Antonio Sandoval)
The Richard's Pipit at Lugo on 22.1 (David Calleja)
One of the three overwintering Temmink's at Vinalopó river, Alacant (A.Jacobo Ramos)
One of the drakes Ring-necked Duck (left) at Embalse de los Barrios as seen on 22.1 (Carlos Zumalacáarregui)
The two Glossy Ibises at Santoña on 23.1 (Máximo Sánchez Cobo)
The two Ruddy Shelducks at Laguna del Camino de Villafranca, Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, photographed on 23.1 (Victor Merino)
The Ring-billed Gull at Santurtzi on 27.1 (J.M.Pérez de Ana). See the head shot in the left.
The Iceland Gull at Getxo area, Bizkaia on 28.1 (Juan Manuel Pérez de Ana).
The Santoña Red-necked Grebe (Gorka Ocio)
The Santoña Iceland Gull (right) with a Lesser Black backed (Gorka Ocio)
The Cee Glaucous gull (two images above), J.R.Gómez.

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