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Rare Birds in Spain

Recent Reports: Latest sightings
All birds featured are rarities needing homologation by the CR/SEO
See the information page for how to submit records to CR/SEO either by mail or online

From March 2005 this webpage only includes records of birds needing homologation by CR/SEO. For other local rarities contact local bird reports or records committees

Number of rarities this month Citations / Citaciones / Com citar
Species index (n= 3 + 27 =30)
Branta canadensis Branta bernicla hrota Anas discors


Oceanites oceanicus Falco biarmicus Sterna anaethetus
Phoenicopterus minor Pluvialis dominica Apus affinis
Leptoptilos crumeniferus Calidris melanotos Anthus richardi
Geronticus eremita Calidris pusilla Motacilla citreola
Platalea alba Xenus cinereus Pycnonotus barbatus
Gyps rueppellii Stecorarius longicaudus Catharus minimus
Circus macrourus Larus delawarensis  Acrocephalus agricola
Buteo rufinus Larus cachinnans Mimus polyglottos
Aquila pomarina/clanga Sterna dougallii Sturnus roseus

See also last month news for late updates or long-stayers


Canada Goose* Branta canadensis (1)
(1) The bird seen on 28.8 at Vilagudín reservoir, Ordes, A Coruña was seen again on 7.9 (Xabier Varela(89) 1 punto del twitch). It has been commented the possibility of the bird belonging to one of the 'Lesser' races of canadensis but this has not been confirmed up to the moment. On 8.9 it was still there. It is a clearly smaller and atypical in relation to the geese we usually see in N Spain (small size, short-necked, rounder and smaller head and with a small bill as well) (Clemente Alvarez Usategui). The bird, seen again on 16.9,  seems to be an escape as it was ringed although it seems indeed to belong to one of the 'lesser' races (Cosme Damián Romai, Atocha Ramos, Xabier Varela)
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Pale-bellied Brent Goose* Branta bernicla hrota (1)
(1) On 18.9 a bird was found at Poza de la Ría de Navía, Navía, Asturies (Miguel García-Rovés). It was still there on 25.9 (Pablo Fernández (99) 1 punto)

Blue-winged Teal* Anas discors (1)
(1) On 26.9 one was seen at Ullal de Balldoví, Sueca, València. It was either a female or a juvenile (Bosco Díes)


Wilson's Storm Petrel* Oceanites oceanicus (1)
(1) One bird was seen at 12 miles off Gijon on 24.9 (Elias García-Sanchez, Clemente Alvarez Usategui, Jorge Valella, Daniel López Velasco(101) 2 puntos, Rafael Armada, José Luis Copete)

Marabou* Leptoptilos crumeniferus (1)
(1) On 20.9 one was reported from plata de los Lances, Tarifa, Cádiz (Josele J Saiz)

Bald Ibis *Geronticus eremita (1).3rd for Spain. 
(1) The bird seen during April and May at Trujillo and Belén, Cáceres was seen again on 27.9 near Belén (pers. com. to Michael Westerbjerg) and it was having problems with one leg but looked very fit and in good condition. It was not seen the following two days (M.Westerbjerg)

African Spoonbill* Platalea alba (1)
(1) On 30.9 a bird was found at Guadalhorce river, near Peñón de Zapata, Málaga (Angel López, Andy Paterson)

Lesser Flamingo* Phoenicopterus minor (1,2,3)
(1) The two Lesser Flamingos found at Punta de la Banya, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona by late July were still there at least until 13.9. On 9.9 a third bird was found there (David Bigas94 (1 punt perquè ho van aixecar els asturians...que ja és mala sort!), César A.Laó, D.L.Velasco) and on 13.9 were still there (D.Bigas)

Rüppell's Vulture* Gyps rueppellii (1,2,3,4,5,6)
(1) On 10.9 TWO birds were seen over Cazalla viewing point, Tarifa, Cádiz around 14h with a party of Griffon Vultures G.fulvus (Todor Todorov, Salvador Solís, Blas López). See a photo of one of the birds below (T.Todorov).On 16.9 there were two birds as well, the same? (Rafael Romero et al). According to this author these days the vultures are seen almost daily.

(2)At least there were FROM FOUR TO SIX different Ruppell's Vultures on various dates and places from Algeciras to La Janda between 11-16.9 (Dick Forsman). See two photos below (Dick Forsman). It may be then that the two featured above could be part of these six and in fact the bird above seems the same of one of the featured below (ed.note). There are several observations of many authors this month in the area and the quantity of six seems reliable according to data received. Last sighting this month: on 28.9 an immature frequented the El Algarrobo observatory, Algeciras, Cádiz (P.Chiclana, M.Romero)

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Pallid Harrier* Circus macrourus(1)
(1) A 3rd year male was seen at Coll de Platja, PN l'Albera, Girona, on 1-2.9 (Alex Ollé i Pere Serrano)

Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus (1,2)(1,2,3)
(1) Gibraltar sightings. On 3-5.9 a bird was seen hunting over Gibraltar rock (Charly Pérez/GONHS).Still there on 7.9 (GONHS per EFJ Garcia).The bird is an adult (EFJ Garcia) and it was seen on a daily basis at least until 20.9 when a second bird appeared (Vincent Robba/GONHS) and begun mobbing migrant Booted Eagles H.pennatus.
(1)At Cazalla viewing point, Tarifa, a bird was seen on 16 and 18.9 (Rafael Romero et al).An adult was reported (and submitted to the CR/SEO) by Dick Forsman on 13.9. It may well be the same bird.
(2) On 20.9 one was reported from Puerto del Cabrito, Cádiz (Josele J Saiz)
(3) On 20.9 one was reported from Puerto de Ojén, Cádiz (Josele J Saiz)

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Lesser/Greater Spotted Eagle* Aquila pomarina/clanga (1)
(1)A bird, probably an adult or nearly so, was seen very briefly near hotel Sidi Saler, at la Restinga, Albufera de Valencia, Valencia, on 18.9. The bird was seen initially at bare eye, then briefly by some of the authors, almost the whole Spanish RC with binoculars, but attempts to relocate it during the whole sunday and week failed. Therefore, although it definitely seemed a Lesser Spotted Eagle, according to the fact that we did not see the spots on the nape, the option of a hybrid Greater x Lesser Spotted cannot be discarded and hence it is featured in this category (J.I.Dies, J.A.Lorenzo, Juana, E.García-Sanchez, P.Gutiérrez, R.Gutiérrez).

Lanner* Falco biarmicus (1)
(1) A juvenile was seen outside Tarifa twond on 16.9 (Dick Forsman). See a photo below and a thumbnail here.(Dick Forsman).Probably the same bird had been seen already at the same place on 2.9 (Andy Paterson)

American Golden Plover* Pluvialis dominica (1,2)
(1) A juvenile was found on 26.9 at Ensenada da Insua, Ponteceso, A Coruña (Jordi Martí-Aledo, Marcos Zárraga, L.J.Salaverri). Photographed later (Pablo Gutiérrez). See two thumbnails here and a photo below (P.Gutiérrez)
(2) On 29.9 a juvenile was seen and photographed at playa de Los Lances, Tarifa (Ian Ford)

Pectoral Sandpiper* Calidris melanotos (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
(1) On 1.9 a juvenile was found at Laguna de Louro, Muros, A Coruña within a group of 4 C.ferruginea and 3 T.glareola (José Ramón Gómez(11) 2 puntos). See two thumbnails here.Still there on 7.9 (J.R.Gómez, Clemente Álvarez Usategui)
(2) One bird was seen at marisma de Alday, Santander, from 6.9 (G.R.Lázaro) to 10.9 (Fernando Arce 1 punto twitch basico, Guillermo R.Lázaro, Cristina G.Guerra, Alfonso Rodrigo). See three thumnails here and a photo below (Alfonso Rodrigo)
(3) A juvenile was seen at Laguna de Vixan, Ribeira, A Coruña on 13.9 (José Ramón Gómez(11) 2 puntos). See a thumbnail here
(4) One juvenile was seen and photographed at close distance on 11.9 at Esteiro da Chanca, Dena, Meaño, Galicia (Emilio Martínez Sabarís, Xurxo Pinheiro, Cosme Damián Romai(11) 2 puntos). See a thumbnail here. 
(5) On 13.9 two more Pectoral Sandpipers were added to the one present at Alday Marshes, Cantabria since 6.9 (Guillermo R.Lázaro)
(6) Another (a 2nd) Pectoral was found at Vixan,P.N. Corrubedo, A Coruña on 17.9 (A.Lomeña, V.López, A.Santos; J.Ramon Gómez(98) 1 puntos, C.Vidal)
(7) On 26-28.9 a bird was seen at Esteiro da Chanca, Dena, Meaño, Pontevedra (Samuel Paz; X.Pinheiro, C.D.Romai(98) 1 puntos; B.Pazos). It looks different from the bird observed at the same place on 11.9 (number 4 on this page) according to bill length, breast and side colour, pattern and overall size. See a thumbnail here (Samuel Paz)
(8) On 11-12.9 a bird was seen at playa de los Lances, Tarifa, Cádiz (David Cuenca; Carlos Noivo)

The Alday marshes bird

The 2nd bird at Vixán (César Vidal)

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Semipalmated Sandpiper* Calidris pusilla (1)
(1) From 31.8 to 1.9 a juvenile remained at O'Grove, Pontevedra, Galicia (Cosme-Damian Romai(86) 2 puntos; J.R.Gómez, Samuel Paz, Xurxo Pinheiro). It was photographed at close distance on 1.9 (see photo below, Samuel Paz, and thumbnails here). The bird was still at Com Ruivo and Esteiro de Terra de Porto areas on 7.9 (Clemente Álvarez-Usategui, Cosme Damiam Romai) but on 8.9 it was not relocated (CD Romai).Seen again on 9.9 at Esteiro de Terra de Porto, O Grove, Pontevedra (CD Romai)And on 10-11.9 (M.Rouco, A.Ramos, M.Alonso, X.Pinheiro, J.R.Gómez, E.Otero, C.Luciarte, C.D.Romai)
There are five birds accepted in mainland Spain and two more in the Canaries up to 2002 (List of the birds of Spain)

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Terek Sandpiper* Xenus cinereus (1)
(1) On 3.9 a bird was seen at Fangar bay, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona (David Bigas, José Luís Copete, Rafael Armada85 (2 punts per cada observador))See a thumbnail here (Rafael Armada).Still there on 13.9 (David Bigas) and 25.9 (D.Bigas)

Long-tailed Skua* Stercorarius longicaudus (1,2,3,4)
(1,2,3) Three birds (2 ads and a juvenile) were seen along the afternoon of 16.9 from Estaca de Bares (Antonio Sandoval ( 95,96,97 ) 2+2+2 puntos)
(4) On 24.9 another was seen from the same place within a strong passage movement of 280 Pomarine Skuas, 3370 Sooty Shearwaters and others in six hours (Antonio Sandoval ( 95,96,97 ) 2+2+2 puntos)

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Ring-billed Gull* Larus delawarensis (1)
(1) The bird featured last month in front of Tancada lagoon, Ebre delta, is reappearing intermitently associated to Yellow-legged Gulls and it was seen again on 3.9 evening (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé) but not on previous days (Ricard Gutiérrez)

Caspian Gull* Larus cachinnans (1). THIRD FOR SPAIN
(1)A 1st summer/2nd winter was found at San Andrés reservoir, Asturies on 1.9 (Daniel López Velasco). The bird was photographed and its identification was confirmed by seven authors from four countries(100) 4 puntos). See a photo below and two thumbnails here (D.L.Velasco)


Roseate Tern* Sterna dougalli (1,2,3)
(1) On 12.9 one adult moulting into winter plumage was seen on migration from Cabo Peñas, Asturies (Luis Mario Arce).
(2)On 20.9 a juvenile was seen at close distance within a Common Tern flock at Punta de la Vaca, Asturies (Elias García Sánchez(101) 2 puntos)
(3)On 12.9 a bird was seen from Cau de Llastres, Colunga, Asturies (Xuan Cortés(101) 2 puntos)

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BRIDLED TERN* Sterna anaethetus (1) FIRST FOR SPAIN
(1) On 15.9 off Guadalhorce river mouth, Málaga, and within a flock of Common and Black Terns Sterna hirundo, Chlidonias niger, an adult Bridled Tern was seen during 7 minutes (Andy Paterson6 puntos, 1st for Spain).

Little Swift * Apus affinis (1,2,3)
(1)On 20.9 a group of SIX birds were seen for a two hours period at Zahara de los Atunes, Cádix (John Muddeman)

Richard's Pipit* Anthus richardi (1)
(1) The first Richard's Pipit reaching Asturies was seen at Cabo Peñes on 28.9 (C.A.Usategui, Elías García-Sánchez, Jorge Xuan, Daniel López Velasco(1) 2 puntos)

Citrine Wagtail * Motacilla citreola (1,2,3,4,5)
(1) On 8.9 an adult was seen at Racó de l'Olla, l'Albufera de València (J.Ignacio Dies & Bosco Dies). See a thumbnail here.
(2) A bird was reported flying and calling above 'La Cigüenuela' hide at La Mata lagoon, Alicante on 7.9 (Owen Foley)
(3) A juvenile was trapped and ringed at Canal Vell, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona on 14.9 (David Bigas93 (2 punts) , Marc Pérez). See a photo below (Marc Pérez)

(4) On 14.9 a juvenile was seen at 20h at Guadalhorce river mouth, Málaga (Ángel García López, Ángel Fernando García Vergara). See a thumbnail here. It was still there on 19.9 (Andy Paterson)
(5)On 5.9 a bird was seen at Els Muntanyans, Torredembarra, Tarragona (Xavier Bayer). See two thumbnails here

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Garden Bulbul* Pycnonotus barbatus (1)
(1) A bird was seen on 28.8 evening at river Guadalquivir, Sevilla, Andalucia. It behaved normally and showed no signs of captivity origin. The species is not common in Andalucia in captivity and it is present in N African coast. (Paco Chiclana)

(1) A bird was seen on 2, 6 and 11.9 at Veigas do Covelo, Beluso, Bueu, Pontevedra (José Ramón Gómez González(11) 2 puntos, Ana Isabel Pérez). The bird, the 1st for Spain, was extremely elusive and non-cooperative. Only glimpses lasting only a few seconds were obtained in a total of 14 hours of waiting near the area where it is. Seven observers attempted a relocation on 13.9 afternoon without luck (D.L.Velasco, C.D.Romai, S.Paz, J.R.Gómez, X.Pinheiro, P.Fernandez, G.R.Lázaro ).Not relocated also on 14.9 (D.L.Velasco et al)
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Paddyfield Warbler* Acrocephalus agricola (1)
(1) On 25.9 an adult bird was trapped and ringed at Finca Caserío del Henares, San Fernando de Henares, Madrid (Javier Marchamalo, Javier Gamonal, J.Antonio López Septiem/Grupo MONTICOLA). See a photo below and a thumbnail here

Northern Mockingbird* Mimus polyglottos (1) FIRST FOR SPAIN
The bird reported in April and featured in this webpage, is still present at the same place at Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Miguel Avelino)

Rosy Starling* Sturnus roseus (1)
(1) On 7.9 a juvenile was trapped and ringed at Froilan Elespe park, Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa, Euskadi (Eneko Díez, Iñaki Aranguren, Jon Etxezarreta).

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Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Please contact the authors before using any photo for anything else than personal reference. Any submitted news to this page will be forwarded to the Spanish RC if enough substantiated but inclusion in this page does not imply acceptance or homologation of any kind. Gibraltar news are included thanks to Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society but this has no more implication than the sake of completeness given this area situation. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with .From 2004 on news on Pied Wagtail and Caspian Tern are no longer included except in case of major unusual concentrations. From April 2005 only news of rarities needing homologation by the Spanish Rarities Committee are included .(11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntos icons are related to a new birding competition running in three areas of Spain during the year regarding rarity sightings. See more here (in Spanish) . Go back to top
Citas recientes incluye las últimas novedades del conjunto del país que tanto son observaciones personales, comunicaciones al autor o noticias difundidas en listas de correo. Por favor contacten los autores para cualquier uso de las fotografias fuera del estrictamente personal.Cualquier cita que se envie a esta página sera reenviada al CR/SEO pero su inclusión aquí no implica su aceptación u homologación de ningún tipo.Los nombres de las localidades se incluyen como son enviadas por los colaboradores, que deben ser citados como autores de las citas. Las noticias más recientes se marcan con .Desde enero de 2004 no se inluyen citas de lavandera blanca enlutada ni de pagaza piquirroja excepto en casos de grandes concentraciones inusualesDesde Abril de 2005 se incluyen únicamente citas de  rarezas que necesitan homologación por el Comité de Rarezas de SEO/Birdlife (11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntos Los iconos anteriores se refieren a una nueva competición ornitológica que se celebra en tres áreas de España durante 2005 relativa a la observación de rarezas. Más detalles aquí.  Ir al inicio de la página
Cites recents inclou les darreres novetats del conjunt de l'estat que són observacions pròpies, comunicacions o noticies difoses a llistes de correu. Si us plau contacteu amb els autors de les fotos per a a qualsevol ús fora de l'estrictament personal. Qualsevol cita que sigui enviada a aquesta plana serà rebotada també al CR/SEO si bé la seva publicació aquí no implica la seva aceptació o homologació de cap mena. Els noms de les localitats són posats tal i com són enviats pels autors, que han de ser referenciats com a autors de les cites. Les notícies més recents són les marcades amb .Des de gener de 2004 no s'inclouen cites de cuereta blanca endolada ni de xatrac gros llevat de possibles casos de concentracions inusuals Des d'Abril de 2005 únicament s'inclouen cites de rareses que necessiten homologació pel Comité de Rarezas de SEO/Birdlife.(11) 2 puntos(1) 2 puntos es refereixen a una competició ornitológica que es fa durant el 2005 entre Galicia, Asturies i Catalunya quant al nombre i diversitat de rareses observades. Més dades en castellà (llevat de la plana de l'equip català aquí) en aquesta plana principal del concurs. . Tornar a l'inici de la plana.

Lamentablemente, de momento no hay versión castellana disponible. Lamentablement, de moment no hi ha versió catalana disponible, però Jordi Clavell s'encarrega sistemàticament d'ajudar-me a trobar totes les errades de la plana o sigui que gràcies!

Rarities reported so far this month

Latest highlights:

Two images of the Louro lagoon juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper seen on 1.9 (José Ramón Gómez)
Above, three images of the Semipalmated Sandpiper seen at O'Grove (Ogrobe), Galicia seen at least until 1.9 (all photos by Samuel Paz)
The Terek Sandpiper of Ebre delta (Rafael Armada)
The Citrine Wagtail of L'Albufera de València (JI Dies & B.Dies)
Three images above (and one in the mail text section) of the juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper seen at Marismas de Alday, Santander on 10.9 (Alfonso Rodrigo)
Another Pectoral Sandpiper, a very tired bird found on 13.9 at Laguna de Vixan, A Coruña (J.R.Gómez)
Yet another Pectoral Sandpiper, that of Esteiro da Chanca on 11.9 (Emilio Martínez)
The Citrine Wagtail of the Guadalhorce river mouth (Ángel García)
Field notes of the Canada Goose at Galicia this month. They have helped in determining its feral origin (C.D.Romai)
The Lannner off Tarifa on 16.9 (Dick Forsman)
The 2nd Vixán bird, as seen on 17.9 (César Vidal)
The juvenile American Golden Plover found at Ensenada da Insua, A Coruña, on 26.9 (Pablo Gutiérrez)
A juvenile Citrine Wagtail seen at Els Muntanyans, Tarragona, on 5.9 (Xavier Bayer)
Two images of the Caspian Gull photographed on 1.9 at Asturies, the 3rd for Spain (Daniel López Velasco) 
The 2nd Pectoral Sandpiper from Esteiro da Chanca as seen on 27.9 (S.Paz)
The Paddyfield Warbler from Madrid (J.Marchamalo)

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